A Look at Holy Week

The ancient Hebrews used a lunar calendar, this means that the 1st of the month was during the New Moon phase and that would make the 15th of the month the Full Moon phase.  It was fun to connect the days of Holy Week with the lunar calendar; it just shows the orderliness of our God.

Day of our week Day of the  lunar calendar Passover Holy Week events
Sunday 10th Choosing and prepping the lamb The ride into Jerusalem, people prepared the way
Monday 11th Jesus cursed the fig tree and cleared the Temple courts,
Tuesday 12th Explained the dead tree and taught the people
Wednesday 13th He was prepared for his burial at the dinner
Thursday 14th Lamb is slaughtered and prepared at twilight Room prepared, Passover observed, prayed in the Garden
Friday 15th Burned any leftover lamb Trials and crucifixion
Saturday 16th Jesus preaching to the spirits in Hell
Sunday 17th He rose and showed himself to select people

The first Passover, when the Lord kept watch to bring the People out, they started for Succoth.  The starting point was Rameses; the distance is about 30 miles so that was a long walk on very short notice.  Pharaoh actually ordered them to leave.  The celebration observes seven days of bread with no yeast because that is what happened on the first Passover.

I have been writing for several years on numbers in the Bible.

  • Thirteen was about how new things started in association with that number.
  • Fourteen actually started events.
  • Fifteen is linked with cleaning things up to celebrate.
  • Sixteen was that God kept His eye on things

I found the connections between those studies and the days of the month for Holy Week interesting.

I have other studies on the days of the Holy Week – Thursday, and post labeled Easter 2015,

Easter 2015 – Things Given to Jesus on Easter


During Holy Week Jesus borrowed and was given things all during the week. Saturday is different in that He took and gave; specifically, He took from the Satan and gave to man.

On the First Day (of the week) Jesus being a brand new creation and the new High Priest of God did not borrow anything but He was given things by people. Matthew 28: 9 the brave women who were determined to tend to a dead body, instead found a living Jesus and gave Him worship. This “new” Jesus who walked and talked to a desponded Cleopas was invited to dinner and disappeared after a prayer (Luke 24: 30). The final thing He was given, on this day, was something (fish) to eat from the disciples (He had to ask for it) because He had to prove He was actually real (Luke 28: 41). Worship and fellowship with food sounds like a PLAN.

Easter 2015 – Things Given

Things Given To Jesus in Holy Week

  • Palm Sunday – From Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:29-44, and John 12:12-19 we see the people giving Him praise. The Pharisees were upset in Luke 19 because this chant was for the “coming Messiah” and they did not think Jesus deserved it.
  • Monday – John 12: 28 the Father gave Jesus a voice (reply) from Heaven. It was for the benefit of the disciples and the crowd.
  • Tuesday – Nothing is recorded being given to Jesus on Tuesday. Well, a bad time from the Pharisees and Priest as they tried to trick Him.
  • Wednesday – Jesus was given a supper in Matthew 26:3 -16 and Mark 14: 1- 11. It was in Bethany at the house of Simon the Leper.                                                      – Jesus also received an anointing of perfume to prepare His body for burial. The perfume was probably pure nard and it was very expensive and in an alabaster jar/bottle.
  • Thursday – Jesus was given strength and ministry from an angel (Luke 22:34). Judas gave the kiss (Matthew 26:49 and Luke 22:47).
  • Friday – A notice by Pilate that read Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews (John 19: 19) and a drink of wine vinegar (John 19:29).                                        Everything we deserved! The rejection, beatings, ridicule, nails, and death should have been ours.
  • Crucifix from Misson Espiritu in Goliad,TX
  • See Things Jesus Borrowed

Jesus Saw

Tuesday of Holy Week Jesus once again started in Bethany and had a full day of teaching and telling parables.  With the variety of teaching activities Jesus saw:

  • Disciples amazed by a dead tree. Matthew 20:20
  • Teachers of the Law who loved themselves but not people. Luke 20:1 – 21:38
  • Duplicity and a Roman coin. Luke 20:23+24
  • The rich and a poor lady who gave all she had. Luke 21:1
  • Someone answer wisely. Mark 12:34
  • Beautiful stones. Luke 21:34
  • The end of the age. Mark 13

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References are studied from the NIV, scriptures for Tuesday of Holy Week are Luke 20:1 – 21:38, Matthew 21:18 – 26:2, and Mark 11:20 -13:37.

Jesus Had a Need

Palm Sunday, which celebrates Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem, begins what we call “Holy Week.”  Starting at the Mount of Olives, Jesus begins the day with a powerful statement that has slipped by me for years – Jesus had need of a donkey.

Jesus on the Donkey

Jesus on the Donkey

Needs.  A little word, everyone has them and we spend most of our lives working to take care of them.  We confuse needs and wants, they really are quite different and we must separate the two.  But to need something so that you can continue in life and business that is an important item.  Recently my wife read a short article by Bishop Fulton Sheen on how Jesus had “needs.”  That should have been no big deal, after all, he was human but that need was a donkey.  It was a necessity that He had to have that young donkey, not its mother but the colt.  I know that Jesus had a small group of women that supplied His needs in Galilee (Mark 15: 41) but somehow you never seem to think about Jesus having needs and that a human would take care of them.  The Greek word for needs in the story of Palm Sunday with the ride into Jerusalem is chreia (Strong’s 5532) and it implies employment, demand, necessity, business, and needs.

I am sure that Jesus was used to walking and probably had walked many miles to just get to the Mount of Olives.  So when He asked two disciples to go get a donkey they had to think it was strange and then He said it was a need.  In Isaiah 62: 11 the prophecy says that the king was to come into Zion riding a colt so Jesus knew that the donkey was a necessity.  (I like to think the house they went to belonged to Mary and Martha.)  For Jesus to fulfill His supernatural destiny He had to borrow that donkey.


  • We will have needs just like Jesus so we can fulfill our destiny.
  • God may use people to help supply our needs.
  • We may not recognize our needs but it could be something as simple as a borrowed donkey.
  • God knows what your needs are and has already positioned them for you to find and use.

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Palm Sunday references are Matthew 21: 12-17, Mark 11: 1-11, Luke 19: 29-44, John12: 12-19. http://clipart.christiansunite.com/1394966461/Easter_Clipart/Palm_Sunday_Clipart/Palm_Sunday001.jpg