Following the Light

God said, “Let there be Light.”  The Light was good.

Prophets said, “The Light is coming.”

Mary said, “Let Your Light shine in me.”

Jesus said, “Let them be light.” Then bleed for us.

Holy Spirit said, “Time for the Light to shine.”  Little flames appeared, and the Church was born.

Church said, “Let the Light spread.”  The Gospel glowed; the world saw Believers.

Believers said, “Let me be the light so they can see Jesus in all I do.”

Right Writing

The Rite to Write Does Not Seem Right

Life has changed; my normal rite would be to write.

Writing is a ritual that helps to right my mind.

Feelings are mixed and lines are not straight, so no right angle is clear.

Writing tonight is not right, but I am glad I wrote this.

The angle tomorrow I may know, then it will be right to write.

Step Into the Light

know God 1 a

Step Into the Light

Step into the light, step into the light enjoy the power and the might.  Out of the night, I stepped into the light from God’s Holy Fire.

I could see the light but He was not for me. I thought I was free since there was no light from me.

Jesus dance with me, now that I am free. Twirling with the Son towards all I can become.

The Holy Spirit’s light now guides through this night and His blessings are revealed.

My little light is going to shine because the world needs Jesus. The change they see is His light in me.  Let them know it is about Jesus.

by Mark Johanningmeier

Jesus Preached


They sealed the tomb as best they could.

He was not there He had an appointment to keep.

Descended to preach, they had to hear.

Ascended to fill the heavens to bring us to God.

Matthew 27:62 – 66, Ephesians 4: 7-10, 1 Peter 3:19

See Saturday of Holy Week

“A Christmas Wish” by Darius M. Ratcliff

Writings and Letters of Darius Mitteer Ratcliff

“As the wise men came, bearing precious gifts so does this card bear to you my loving Christmas greetings”
Vintage Postcard


A Christmas wish for you,

That I would have come true?

When all is said and done,

There can be only one.

The JOY the angel told

To shepherds by their fold

That Christ had come to give

To all who’d for him live.

The JOY the Wise Men felt

When by the Babe they knelt.

They’d sought for this afar

While following the star.

The JOY that Simeon knew,

And aged Anna  too,

When they the Babe received,

And on His Name believed.

The JOY that waits us now

When we to Jesus bow,

In answer to His call

To give to Him our all.

The JOY from God above,

The gift of wondrous love:

This JOY I wish for you;

In glorious fullness too.

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