How fragile is an earthly frame?

When all its physical strength does wane.

The plea of one is the burden of another.

Unless it is carried in love there is no cover.

Look to yourself, you become dry.

Look for another and your soul would fly.

Don’t sit and ask, how could you?

Why the answer is simple, self must die.

So, turn around, you can give.

Find peace in this and live.

Don’t think you are another’s clown.

In the water of baptism that did drown.

Pour out, that you can live.

The only way to live is to give.

Step Into the Light

Step into the light. Step into the light, enjoy the power and the might.

Out of the night, I stepped into the light from God’s Holy Fire.

I could see the light, but He was not for me. I thought I was free since there was no light from me.

Jesus dance with me, now that I am free. Twirling with the Son towards all I can become.

The Holy Spirit’s light now guides through this night and His blessings are revealed.

My little light is going to shine because the world needs Jesus. The change they see is His light in me. Let them know it is about Jesus.



God said, “We will light the world, and the Spirit moved.”

Moses proclaimed, “This consuming Light loves you, worship only Him.”

Father spoke, “Son light the way.”

Mary whispered, “Shine in me.”

Angels sang, “Light has come for Israel.”

Wise Gentiles asked, “We seek the True Light.”

Jesus taught, “I Am the true way, follow My Light.”

The Hundred Twenty prayed, “Shine Your light.”

Holy Spirit breathed, “Let them be filled with the Light of Grace.”

His Ekklesia calls out, “Let us shine so the world will see The Light.” 

Following the Light

God said, “Let there be Light.”  The Light was good.

Prophets said, “The Light is coming.”

Mary said, “Let Your Light shine in me.”

Jesus said, “Let them be light.” Then bleed for us.

Holy Spirit said, “Time for the Light to shine.”  Little flames appeared, and the Church was born.

Church said, “Let the Light spread.”  The Gospel glowed; the world saw Believers.

Believers said, “Let me be the light so they can see Jesus in all I do.”