Easter 2015 – Things Borrowed

In the Hillsong United song Love Is War, from their Zion album, they make a statement that Jesus’ tomb was borrowed. That phrase started this study. I realized that was not the only thing borrowed or lent to Jesus during what we call Holy Week. I will also be looking at the things that were given to Him and then there was Saturday.

  • Palm Sunday – Jesus directed two disciples to go borrow a colt, (Matthew 21:1-11) this was to fulfill Isaiah 62:11. The people putting (lending) down their cloaks
    Jesus on the Donkey

    Jesus on the Donkey

    and cutting branches equate to the “red carpet” treatment and cut down on the dust the guest of honor had to deal with.

  • Monday – Jesus left Jerusalem each night and went to the Mount of Olives/Bethany to sleep, a place to stay (Luke 21:37).
  • Tuesday – Jesus borrowed the Temple Courtyard to do His teaching; he did this Monday through Thursday but here are the references listed with Tuesday: Matthew 21:23, Mark 12:35, Luke 20:1 and 21:38.  A coin (denarius), Jesus asked for this to end the question about paying taxes to Caesar: Matthew 22:19, Mark 12:15, Luke 20:23.
  • Wednesday – Nothing is recorded about Jesus borrowing anything on this day.
  • Thursday – The “ROOM” or upper room may be the one in Acts 12:12 which belonged to John Mark’s mother. The other things Jesus used, which probably were in the room, were a towel and washbasin. Matthew 26:18, Luke 22:16, and John 13:4.
  • Friday – To stay with the song Love Is War I will say that Jesus borrowed Joseph’s tomb but really Joseph thought he was giving it to Jesus.

This thought is just an extra but in Luke 23:25 when Pilate released Barabbas that made him the “scapegoat.” He was released and Jesus was sacrificed this practice was ordered in Leviticus 16 and was done on the Day of Atonement.

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