Easter 2015 – Things Given to Jesus on Easter


During Holy Week Jesus borrowed and was given things all during the week. Saturday is different in that He took and gave; specifically, He took from the Satan and gave to man.

On the First Day (of the week) Jesus being a brand new creation and the new High Priest of God did not borrow anything but He was given things by people. Matthew 28: 9 the brave women who were determined to tend to a dead body, instead found a living Jesus and gave Him worship. This “new” Jesus who walked and talked to a desponded Cleopas was invited to dinner and disappeared after a prayer (Luke 24: 30). The final thing He was given, on this day, was something (fish) to eat from the disciples (He had to ask for it) because He had to prove He was actually real (Luke 28: 41). Worship and fellowship with food sounds like a PLAN.