Why I Write

Why I Write the Word

The word is near you – Maybe the WORD is in the fountain in the courtyard, or in the quiet of an empty sanctuary, or in the artwork by the door or a giggle from a child.

The word is in your mouth – As a writer, I talk with my keyboard or pen.  Maybe I speak out each of my characters’ lines or I write my notes on “stickies” in my Bible.  Possibly, the words are still in my mouth and I wish I had said them.

And the word is in your heart – I write because the word is in my heart.  I am passionate about what I am writing.

I write to make our joy complete.

I write to you so that you will not sin.

I write to you about old things.

I write to you about new things.

I write to all believers.

I write to parents.

I write to young adults.

I write to children.

I write to mature Christians.

I write to young Christians.

I write not because you don’t know, but because I want you to look at it with your heart.

I write to give you faithful instructions.

I write to you with the power of Jesus so that you will know you have eternal life.

I write to you about the love that brought you to Jesus.

I have much to write.

I write encouragement to the church.

I have much to write to you so we can speak face to face.

I am very eager to write and inspire you to be alive with faith.

By Mark


Taken from Romans 10:8, I, II, III John and Jude (N. I. V.), as seen through the glasses of Mark.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I just stumbled on your website. Thank you! I love the practical teaching and fresh perspectives. God bless you for your efforts. You’ve been helpful to many more than you will ever know 🙂

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