Jesus Saw

Tuesday of Holy Week Jesus once again started in Bethany and had a full day of teaching and telling parables.  With the variety of teaching activities Jesus saw:

  • Disciples amazed by a dead tree. Matthew 20:20
  • Teachers of the Law who loved themselves but not people. Luke 20:1 – 21:38
  • Duplicity and a Roman coin. Luke 20:23+24
  • The rich and a poor lady who gave all she had. Luke 21:1
  • Someone answer wisely. Mark 12:34
  • Beautiful stones. Luke 21:34
  • The end of the age. Mark 13

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References are studied from the NIV, scriptures for Tuesday of Holy Week are Luke 20:1 – 21:38, Matthew 21:18 – 26:2, and Mark 11:20 -13:37.