The Bible and Science – Just a Cloud

I saw this driving home today (I did pull over to take the pic).  The two vertical columns are raincell 2developing rain cells.  Even though we see this frequently in south Texas, the science behind this common scene never ceases to amaze me.


Water molecules get heat from the ground by convection and start to rise.  They bind to dust particle to form droplets.  The heat keeps them going up until the air becomes cool (loss of conventional heating).  The clouds do absorb some radiant energy but the majority of the heat comes from the ground.  Those clouds contain hundreds/thousands/millions of gallons of water and will have more mass than the car I am sitting in; yet they are floating and I am stuck on the ground.  There is a lot of chemistry/physics here: bond angles within the molecule, positive and negative charges that form ions with other chemicals in the air, and the movement of electrons that cause lightning.


The force behind all of this is radiant energy from our sun.  The photons or bundles of energy made an eight to nine minute trip from the sun to get here.  Talk about speeding that is 670,616,629 mph.  This heat affects us at the local, continental, and global level.  These clouds/moisture are being pulled into a weather center thousands of miles from the Texas Gulf Coast.  Heat and rotation of the earth build and move these fronts with the help of jet streams (wind bands) around the earth.

COLOR – Black and White

The white part of the clouds maybe easier to understand, but it is still awesome.  Light is reflecting off of all those drops.  They jumble the different colors of light together so we can see the clouds as white.  The black part of the cloud is where the light is being reflected so that it does not make is to your eye.  Someone at a different angle will not see what you see.  We can say it is thicker or really heavy with water, but it still comes down to the light reaching our eyes.

COLOR – Blue

I tend to take the physics of a blue sky for granted.  The angle of the earth and sun, air particle size, moisture, and pollutant level all contribute to our blue skies.


The very fact that we see it at all is another miracle.  Our eyes are very complex chemical, muscular, and nerve-based organs that are protected inside our skull.  They are attached to a marvelous creation that not only allows us to see the cloud, but to feel emotions and make hypothesis about what is happening, our brain.  I am stopping and not talking about the camera that allowed me to take this picture


∞Father thanks for Your creation, and help us to remember that there are miracles all around us.


The Bible and Science – Bernoulli’s Principle

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed – 2 Corinthians 4:8 (NIV)

They will soar on wings like eagles – Isaiah 40: 31(NIV)

A fluid (gas or liquid) that has high pressure with low velocity can change to have low Bernoulli_principlepressure with high velocity; that basically is Bernoulli’s Principle.  This principle is seen in many different ways in our world, from wings and vortex circles to fluids moving through pipes and hoses.

In the workings of this principle I see a connection with our lives as Christians.  When there is high pressure and low movement this resembles the times when we are in test and trials of our faith.  When we are having problems it is seems like everything around us slows down or even stops.  Though the pressure on us is great it just seems that the test and trials take so long.  The bright spot here is that they do come to an end.  When the pressure on us decreases we go faster making up for lost time.  God moves us quickly to our next assignment in life and we have accelerated growth in the Spirit of God.  These “low pressure periods” will “LIFT” as though we are on wings of eagles.

∞There is always pressure either high or low and we are always moving fast or slow; so Father thanks for the leading and that You are always surrounding us.

Pic By Unknown – Popular Science Monthly Volume 83, Public Domain,

Moses’ Rod/Snake

A simple piece of wood, a tool of Moses’ occupation, but it would become part of miracles¸ signs, and wonders.  It became the symbol of spiritual authority for the Israelites and a bane to the god’s of Egypt.

This piece of wood is introduced in Exodus 4 where God tells Moses to throw it on the ground and it becomes a nachash (from hiss) or snake.  Moses ran from it.  Since this was not in Egypt but in Midian, I am choosing the Black Desert Snake or Desert Cobra asSinai-Desert-Cobra the snake.  Since Moses was to go to Egypt with this “sign”, I don’t think it would have been an Egyptian Cobra.  No, I cannot prove that.  Either snake is poisonous, the Black Desert Snake has an LD50 or lethal dose that kills 50% of people bit with a 0.4 mg/kg; an Egyptian Cobra’s LD50 is 1.15 mg/kg but probably delivers more venom per bite. That would make the Black Desert Snake more poisonous.  I don’t really hold it against Moses for running, if it was a Black Desert Snake, he knew that they were deadly.  He did brave it up and grabbed the tail which is something that not many people would do.  Can you imagine carrying that rod around for the next several years?  I personally would have been very careful not to drop it on the ground, just in case.

In Exodus 4:3 and 7:15 it is just a snake, but in 7: 9, 10, 12 Moses does not use the word nachash but instead calls his rod and the magicians’ rods tanniym or monster.  (I would think the magicians’ rods were paralyzed Egyptian Cobras and Egyptian cobrathe throw brought them out of their trance.)   This word tanniym is translated in other passages as whale, dragon, and jackal.

Another thing I found was instead of saying that Aaron’s snake swallowed the other snakes; Scripture says his ROD swallowed the other rods.  The importance in that change of words says that Aaron’s spiritual authority, as the servant of God, defeated the authority of the magicians.

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The Bible and Science – Scars

“Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.” John 20: 27(NIV)

Jesus had scars! This may seem trivial but as part of His resurrection His wounds went through a process in less than three days that would take us days, weeks, or months. Anytime we have a deep or large wound we will scar. There are several factors that will determine its appearance: age, location, genes, sex, and depth.

Wounds (especially deep ones) lead to scars it is part of the healing process. Applying oils may help if applied during the healing process. Having a physician surgically produce the scar will allow them to use special techniques to change its appearance.

If the healing process is defective a keloid is produced. This is an unsightly scar that is thick, itchy, and is a bump.

For the spiritual side of this process let the Holy Spirit (oil) help in the healing process. If the Master Healer is involved let Him do His work so the wound heals well.

∞ Jesus, thank you for healing and for help with the scars. Amen.

The Bible and Science – Healing Wounds/Proliferation and Maturation

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3 (NIV)

Keeping in the “vein” of comparing physical wound healing to spiritual I will combine the last two phases into one topic. These phases do overlap in the real world anyway. NOTE: Caring for the wound is important, cleaning and protecting it will speed healing and reduce infection and reinjury. (See Wounds) and (Inflammation)

In studying healing of wounds you will see the term collagen throughout the entire process. From clotting to scar formation collagen keeps showing up. Collagen is a protein. It forms connective tissue and in healing it is the groundwork for cells to move along as the wound closes and new skin is laid down. The composition of collagen speaks to this whole idea of healing. It is a three-strand helix, two similar in composition and the third one slightly different. What a great picture of the Trinity, at least for me, the Father and the Son very similar and the Holy Spirit similar but to me He always seems something just a little unique. Wounds must have collagen to heal properly as it lays down fibers to strengthen the clot and provides for the wounds ability to pull itself closed and for the cells to attach to in forming skin. These fibers form along stress or tension lines that are natural in our skin. (I thought those terms were interesting in the light of spiritual healing. Also the term collagen comes from the glue making process of old; this is when they boiled animal parts it make glue.)

In the proliferation stage when cells are being made to fill in the wound it seems they comeLeishmaniasis_ulcer from the edges of the wound and are made by hair follicles, nerves, and sweat glands. This is interesting because in a scar there are no hair follicles, nerves, and sweat glands, which does present challenges for the body in terms of temperature control, etc. Spiritually, I think that everything that is needed to heal a wound may not be present after the problem is closed. In this phase the wound contracts the edges closing the injured area. If this contracting continues to long a really ugly scar happens and possibly loss of function. This contraction does not necessarily happen uniformly but that just allows for organization of cells on the collagen. In the spirit if we allow ourselves to “close up” too much it is not good, so again if God is not in the foundation of this healing it could have to be “cut out” and allowed to heal again.

As the wound “matures” the collagen rearranges and cross-links. This phase will vary in time depending on the initial wound and the care in received and it may never be as strong as it was originally. When a spiritual wound is “maturing” people may think all kinds of things like “why aren’t you back to full speed” or “you’re a little touchy” but they are not allowing you to heal at your own rate. It is true that you will have to use the injured area but it may never be the same.

During the maturation phase an interesting term showed up it is “apoptosis.” This is when the body is using a controlled process to kill cells that are no longer needed and it is to the body’s advantage to do this. Again, what is needed during a healing process is not always needed after the healing.

PIC: By Layne Harris.Helsmack at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons