The Number Fourteen in the Bible

The significance of the number fourteen in the Bible is very understated if you are just 14looking in a concordance, as there are not a lot of instances of it mentioned.  Many of them are associated with one very important day but fourteen and its symbolism goes very deep and starts with how it is written in Hebrew. Each of the twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet represents a number.  The first nine letters are the ones for single digit numbers and the others take on higher numerical values.  An acrostic psalm is one that each verse/section starts with a letter of the alphabet so they either have twenty-two verses like Psalm 25 and 34 or twenty-two sections.  Psalm 119, which is acrostic, is divided into twenty-two sections of eight verses.  (Please see my blog for different way to read Psalm 119.)

The fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Nun, like Joshua, and is pronounced “noon”; in the counting system it represents the number fifty.  The meanings and types and shadows that are associated with Nun really are a great study in itself so I will encourage you to look deeper but here are my gleanings from the literature.  Nun equals the word David so it is immediately associated with the Messiah. (See more on fourteen in the Book of Matthew and the Christmas story.)  For Christians it goes deeper than that since it also means “fish” in Aramaic, which leads to the symbol of the fish or ichthus.  The thirteenth letter in Hebrew is Mem, which represents water that is needed for fish.  Nun is a shared letter with several other languages so in the literature you will see that it also represents a snake/eel and seeds.  The snake that Moses made in the wilderness, Nehushtan, was a shadow of Jesus and He referred to Himself as a “seed of wheat” that had to “fall to the ground and die.”  Nun is used to portray life and faithfulness so you can see it is a very symbolic letter.

There are two different Nuns, one is standing and the other is kneeling.  They can also be written with “crowns.” (Please see the website Hebrew4Christians listed below.)  When they are combined to make the word Nun they represent the righteous one (who is upright) and faithful one (who is bent) or love and fear.

fn_bluei                                                                          n_bluei

“image copyright Bitsela, used courtesy of”

Numerically, Nun is fifty or Pentecost, which leads to what I would like to propose the number 14 means in Scripture – the new thing actually starting.  Pentecost was the beginning of the Church of Jesus and the new anointing of the Holy Spirit.  Just as 13 was signaling the start so 14 is the start.  Remember Mem is before Nun in the alphabet. Just as Joshua son of Nun “started” the Promise Land or David started the family tree of Jesus things associated with 14 show things starting.  My groupings below are just a product of my need to sort things but hopefully, they will help.


  • Exodus 12:6 – The 14th day of the month was the start of Passover or when Israel as a nation was started.  Most references to 14 in the Bible are about a Passover that was being celebrated.
  • Esther 9:15 – The day of Purim was the 14th day of the month; this is when the Jews were allowed to kill their enemies.  This started a new period of freedom for them.
  • Ezekiel 40 – Fourteen years after Jerusalem was destroyed Ezekiel had the visionKing's timeline the end of the New Temple.  In verse one, the reference to 25 years is how long Ezekiel was in exile. (Please see the timeline at Jeremiah 52.)  One way to look at the 70 years of Exile is 14 x 5 = 70.
  • Acts 27:27 – It was the 14th day of being in the storm when Paul got the crew to eat so they could start “new” on the island.
  • Matthew 1:17 – Matthew used fourteen because David translated into numbers equals fourteen.  (See Jesus’ Generations in Matthew)

7 + 7 = 14

  • Genesis 8:9 -12 – Noah sent the dove out twice and waited a total of 14 days.  That showed that the earth had dried and started growing again.
  • 1 Kings 8:65 – Solomon and the people had 14 days of partying for the new Temple.
  • 2 Chronicles 30:15 – Hezekiah and the people had 14 days of partying for Passover. Which had not been celebrated in a long time so it was a sort of new beginnings.

12 + 2 = 14

  • Ezra 3: 1+8 – Zerubbabel and the people had been back in Jerusalem a year and in the second month of the second year they started to build the Second Temple, 12 months + 2 months = 14 months.  In the 7th month of the first year, they built the altar and started sacrificing burnt offerings so it could be a 7+7.

Other 14’s (You may need to work with me here.)

  • Genesis 31:41 – Jacob worked 14 years for his wives and then started working for his family.
  • Book of Joshua – The tribe of Benjamin and a “clan” of Judah got 14 towns each to start a new life in the Promise Land.
  • 2 Kings 18:13 – Hezekiah and Jerusalem were attacked in his 14th year as king, and he got the boil with the death sentence (20:1).  But he got a new lease on life and 15 more years (2 Kings 20:6).
  • 1 Chronicles 25:5 – Heman had 14 sons through the promise of God so he had a new reason to praise God.

“Pushing it” 14’s

  • Genesis 14 – King of Sodom rebels in his 14th year and Abraham rescues Lot.  In verse 22 is where Abraham starts to really acknowledge God, up until now God was “doing for” Abraham.
  • Exodus 14 – Moses and the people were directed back to the Red Sea so they could actually start out of Egypt; until now they were just wandering around inside of Egypt.
  • No, I did not check all Chapter 14’s in the Bible so who knows what gems of knowledge are waiting to be found.  Yes, I did check all the 13th chapters when I studied the number 13.

Acrostic Psalms

A quick look at the “14th verses” of some of the acrostic Psalms. (This is not all of the acrostic psalms.)  These may not show a “starting” I just like the scripture.

  • Ps 25: 14 The Lord confides in those who fear Him; He makes His covenant known to them.
  • Ps. 34: 14 Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.
  • Ps.37: 25 – 27 Verse 27 is similar to Ps 34:14 Turn from evil and do good; then you will dwell in the land forever.
  • Ps.145:14 The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.
  • Ps 119: 105 Your word is a lamp to my and a light for my path.

The 14’s after the 13’s

Remember Joseph after 13 years of slavery/prison was the leader of the country in the 14th year and several others that I listed in the post on The Number Thirteen in the Bible.  I hope this study has shown you that biblically fourteen is important and that the significance of fourteen is alive and well in your life and that “new things” are starting in your life now.  A study of the number fifteen is available at Cleaning Up to Celebrate. A study on sixteen in the Bible is at Sixteen In The Bible.

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68 thoughts on “The Number Fourteen in the Bible

  1. This was an insightful post and helped me in my efforts to find the Biblical significance of the number fourteen. I like what you wrote about this number being understated. I actually read someone else’s writing that said he found no real significance of the number fourteen in scripture! I was disheartened after reading that, as I felt this morning that The Lord was wanting me to check into this number, so I was very thankful for your research and insights into its possible meaning. Thank you!! I am going with your suggestion that it may be ” the new thing actually starting”.
    I read some of your other posts and am now wanting to know more about rhema. I had heard of it before, but really long for my Bible reading to be filled with rhema and not just reading it.
    Thank you for sharing!

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  3. This study of the number 14 really blessed me! Today is June 14, 2014 and my husband and I are celebrating 14 months together so we wanted to see what biblical references we could find about the number 14. Thank you for sharing your insight… definitely Holy Spirit inspired!

  4. Brother Mark: I, like your other readers, was looking for a starting place to begin research for the number 14, as this marks my 14th year of pastoral ministry and on July 19th, I will be affirmed to the apostolic ministry. I am certain that this marks a new dimension in my personal life and the ministry to which I’ve been called. I solicit your prayers. Thank you for the encouragement! May the Lord’s favor continue in your life and ministry as you feed the flock of God!

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  6. 2 Cor 12:2 I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago (whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows) was caught up to the third heaven.

    Perhaps this vision is when Paul received new birth.

    Gal 2:1 Then after fourteen years I went up to Jerusalem again with Barnabas, taking Titus along too. 2:2 I went there 2 because of a revelation and presented 4 to them the gospel that I preach among the Gentiles.

    Maybe 14 is used here to indicate the new mission to the gentiles.

    Good stuff.

  7. I looked into this because of Matthew 1:17 “Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Christ.” I assumed that this repetition of fourteen had to be significant like so many other number references in the Bible and I found your study intriguing and helpful. Thought the inclusion of this verse in your study might also be a good idea

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  9. Why would you look at every chapter 14 (and why did you look at every chapter 13 prior) when chapter and verse divisions are not found in the original texts. Current chapter divisions are Langton’s divisions from the 13th century (and most verse divisions are Estienne’s later numbering) in almost all mordern Bibles. Why would a manmade numbering scheme superimposed over a millennium later have any significance for exegesis?

    • Thanks for opening a part of this study that does need to be looked at. As in all of my studies, especially the “Number In The Bible” studies, I hope people are looking for God; who made and uses the numbers not the numbers themselves. Dogma and doctrine should not be built off of such a small part of the Bible as numbers. God uses numbers, such as 4, 40, 12, 10, as part of the message He is trying to get across to man – Jesus is Lord.

      God can use whatever He wants to use in getting His Word across to man, including man. Man was used to pick the specific 66 books that we include in the Protestant Bible. I hope that the men that were trying to add order to those books were also chosen and used by God. I do, at times, find the numbering odd, and Bible publishers have put in section sub-titles to help organize topics.

      To answer your question as to why I read all of the chapters, simple, I WANTED TO DO IT. I guess I started out to see if there was anything special but quickly found that there was not. I am sure I made notes but could not find them which speaks to how useful my findings were, I probably threw them away. I remember it was a fun study and made me go through the Bible in a short period of time.

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  11. when i see the clock the time is 14 like 9:05 like 1:03 like 2:14 everytime i am a muslim boy i am very sad if i saw that number please help me what does it means.

    • Abdul, I am not sure what the number 14 means specifically to you, but I am sure that Father God does not want a number to cause those feelings in you. Numbers are created things, a tool for mankind to use but not to be in dread of. I will encourage you to not give it control of your feelings.

      • Hi. I am battling with something for two years now. I am an only child & my father passed 10 May 2014 after a 9 month sick bed. This is what I would like to be clear to me.
        At the funeral a lady gave me a verse (without knowing about the 14’s) from Psalm 10:14 which read, “But you God see the trouble of the afflicted, you consider their grief and take it in hand!” the next month my son turned 4! Was/is there a message in this numbers? I was very close to my dad! Please help me.

    • Hey!

      Hows it going now? The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is communicating with you! For a while now, this has been happening to me daily. At first i did not understand it. I however had an understanding that GOD is in control of numbers and time.

      This then led me to seek out the meanings when my spirit would testify without doubt this is a message from GOD.

      Sometimes it feels as if the number is calling out to you, or somehow enlarged…

      It is to grab your attention to focus.

      Have you heard of JESUS? I know you have said your muslim. However there is nothing wrong with seeking knowledge, for example we read history books at school to learn… your on this page etc

      For deeper understanding I would say to study to begin with the books of the New Testament.

      Matthew, Mark, Luke and John…

      You could start with the book of John

      Be at peace my friend, always remember that GOD loves you and he wants you to know him for who he truly is. He has seen your struggles and your heart towards him. He wants you to be free, truly free.

      Incase you dont have a bible

      Heres a link for the Audio version!

      The Holy Bible – Genesis thru Revelation – KJV Dramatized Audio:

      You can email me to at

      Im always available to talk, we can always share what we learn and grow more and more in Christ JESUS.

      May The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob visit you in the Mighty Name of JESUS. May his will for your life be quickened for his Glory! As he leads us into paths of Righteousness for his namesake AMEN

      Peace and Shalom to you, your household and yours!

  12. Incredible.
    I encoutered two names last Friday and that name was JOSHUA. The Lord gave me Exodus 14:14 as my year end verse. And last night I dreamt of snakes/serpent I was killing. I just want to thank you for this wonderful insights. It kinda affirmed a lot of things to me. The Lord must be speaking in ways for me to see 💓

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  14. Shalom!!!

    Wow, not only did I love your study we have a similar sense of humour.

    Which is rare to find online, I must say!

    We serve an AWESOME GOD!

    You are surely blessed in the Name of JESUS! Amen !

    I can’t thank you enough for obeying Our Father ; we give GOD all the GLORY, HONOUR , and PRAISE!

    Its 2017 now yet GOD’s word, and the need for it,is our everlasting covenant, as the Word is alive!


    Jesus is at the door his return is near!

    I was wondering if you have done any studies on the Revelation 12 sign. Would like to see what GOD reveals to you! Right now is an awesome time to be walking in Spirit and Truth..

    GOD is pouring out his Spirit like never before!

    May we all recieve more and more of him, The Baptism of FIRE in the Mighty Name of JESUS AMEN!!!


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  16. Can u please share your information and thoughts on number 144,444 and 444
    I seen this all in one day and believe God is showing me something and I’m trying to understand what it is .

    • If it is God showing you something it should be a confirmation of something you have already seen in His Word! It would not be a “brand new” message. The three questions to ask yourself: 1. Does it bring me to Jesus? 2. Is it in the Word of God. 3. Is there peace and righteousness in this revelation? (Isaiah 60:17b) The forth thing to do is discuss this with your pastor.
      The numbers are not biblical in themselves. So, I would be at peace because, if Jesus is speaking to you it will not be this crypt and confusing.
      I edited the original comment because of personal information.

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  18. Hello, I looked up the significance of the number 14 because my husband just passed in January and we were 14 years apart in age, married 14 years and he had entered the hospital on January 14th. I am a child of the Lord and do not believe in coincidences and so I began searching the scriptures. Thank you so very much for your information. It was uplifting and profound.

    • Hi, I am sorry for your loss and hope that the post has given you something in this time of healing. Jesus has an answer and MORE for you in this life.

  19. I was reading John 14:14 and it struck me that 14 must have incredible power and significance, for the following promise by Jesus is surely one of the strongest testimonies contained in the Bible:
    ‘You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.’

    • B – I will agree that the verse has incredible power and significance because Jesus (the Word) said it! “14” by itself is part of creation. I guess, I view all of the numbers I have studied and written about as indicators of something that Jesus is trying to show us.

  20. Thank you for this wonderful insight to the number 14, it was very helpful and encouraging. Several years back God took me on a journey showing me Jesus was crucified on the 14th of Nisan on Passover. It’s all very interesting to me because I was born on April 14, 1968. I love the significance of the number 14. God began to show me all the significance of those date’s. April takes place in the Spring very close to the Jewish month of Nisan. The 14th of April in 1968 was Resurrection Sunday (Easter). Jesus died on Passover the 14th but in 1968 we celebrated His Resurrection on the 14th of April. Time magazine twice named 1968 as a year that shaped a generation (although I’d say not for good, it was a dark decade in our nation’s history, that God for the Jesus revolution that followed in the early 70’s). Now I know and understand that I’m no more loved then anyone else. In that year on Resurrection Sunday a boy was born as a direct result of prayer, on the 14th of April.
    I am now a follower of Jesus Christ with strong faith that there are no coincidences in Christ and God chooses us in our mothers womb (Isaiah 44:2). God recently showed me there was a double portion upon my life and I’m very excited that, now at 50 years old (my year of Jubilee) I am being called into ministry for my Pappa God’s glory.
    Well you have to know, for years I didn’t know my true identity in Christ. I was a alcoholic, very sexually immoral and for awhile a homeless and defeated man. Then through a series of God directed events I repented of all that and came back to the Lord. I have been on amazing journey of redemption and reconciliation ever since, knowing I’m fearfully made, wonderfully loved and highly favored as we all are. So I can go and be love to others. No pride here, just a grateful heart. Thank you Jesus for 14’s and thank you Pastor for your insight to the biblical significance of the number 14. God is amazing. It’s all for His glory.

    • Hi Steven, (I did edit your comment some.) I rejoice with you for having found Jesus. I hope that your ministry will be used by Jesus for His glory and that you will continue to grow in His grace.

  21. Here’s something that might interest you and your followers . I personally believe fourteen is associated with deliverance many you have mentioned already. I was made aware of this several years ago, 14 Books back from Matthew, 14th Chapter, fourteenth verse, and fourteenth word you will find the word “deliver”. (Ez. 14:14) Though some may see this as insignificant, it is however, very interesting.

    • I too find the #14 in our Holy Scriptures very fascinating and associated with the Biblical Truth of deliverance. Let me share just a few with you and hopefully some of the below you have yet to see.
      `1. Ester 9:19 – Jews delivered from the murderous plans of Haman and made the 14th of Adar a day of gladness – Purim
      2. In the early 1950’s Joseph Stalin suddenly fell ill during Purim and died. Our LORD delivered the Jews from the murderous hands of Joseph Stalin. See website and type in Joseph Stalin in the search window and check out the Miracle of Stalin’s Death article. It is absolutely amazing!!
      3. Leviticus 23:5, Passover on the 14th. Hebrews were delivered from the “angel of death”.
      4. May 14th 1948, Our Lord delivered His people back to the Holy Land on the 14th day.
      5. Jesus is our Divine Deliver (#3 is a divine number, it represents our GOD three in one) and we see His generations divided up into 3-sets of 14 names. Matthew 1:17.
      6. We see this numerical concept of divine deliverance again but this time in a Bible reference. In John 14:3, “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you…” Jesus delivers us from the world!!!
      7. This deliverance Bible Truth even works backward. If you use the KJV and from the end of the Old Testament count backwards 14 books and you will end up on Ezekiel. Now, got the 14th chapter, 14th verse and the 14th word. What is it? This verse is about another divine deliverance; Noah delivered from the world, Daniel delivered from the flesh and Job delivered from Satan.

  22. Today (12 May) marks my 14th year as a Christian, since 2005! I know that the number 14 has great significance in Hebrew… Praise God, I declare over me that He indeed is doing new things in my life. Thank you brother for the wisdom and understanding you’ve shared. Blessings!

  23. Thank you for this. God gave me the number 14 three times in a dream last night and I was eager to know what it signified. I appreciate you and God bless!

  24. Thank you for this insightful study I came searching for meaning to the significance of the number 14. I recently cracked 14 double-yolked eggs in a row 🙂 The Lord spoke to me about the significance of the double yolks but I was interested about the relevance of the 14.

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  26. This is really great insight that God has used to confirm His Word to me! Reading today on the 04/07/2020. Many thanks from Paris, France!

  27. Really great information and very detailed.
    Thanks for the time you put into gathering this knowledge and sharing. God bless you and yours abundantly.

  28. Wow God has been showing me the numbers 7 and 14 almost every day now for the last 7 years. He has also been showing my wife the numbers as well. God is beautiful and wonderful, the love he has for each one of us is amazing. All praise to you Father and Son Jesus, may your name be praised throughout eternity, amen. (edited)

  29. Absolutely loved the teaching. Very detailed and gave me some revelation on what I was seeking.
    Keep up the good work.
    God bless you abundantly.

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