Passover to Pentecost – Dividing the Red Sea

Passover to Pentecost – Dividing the Red Sea        Week 1 Day 7

This is the day according to Jewish legend that the people of Israel went through the Red Sea.  This is still in the Feast of Unleavened Bread which was very practical because they were still in a hurry trying to get out of Egypt.  Then to add to the drama and to allow God to get more glory, Pharaoh was chasing them.   The additional glory would come when Pharaoh watched his army drown (I don’t think he leads his troops into the sea).

This post is not to debate if it could happen, or how it happened, but to see this as a shadow of baptism and part of the Great Commission.  Please see the post My Start to Out of Egypt for discussion and websites on the topic of going through the Red Sea.  I do believe this really happened.  My logic is simple – the Jewish people are an ancient and enduring people with a written history and the Red Sea and the Exodus is part of that history.  The Exodus story is recorded in many other books in the Bible (see the post Exodus in Other Books).  Since the Great Commission was given after Passover in the time of the Counting of the Omer we will talk more about it later.


Baptism is a physical act of your free will that identifies you with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  We as disciples are to baptize other disciples as part of teaching them the commands of Jesus.  In the New Testament, John was baptizing people in the Jordan when Jesus met His cousin.  John wanted Jesus to baptize him but “all righteousness” had to be fulfilled (Matthew 3:15).  Jesus had His disciples baptize people (John 3: 22), and the Book of Acts has many examples of people being baptized.

The Jews of Jesus’ time regularly practiced a ceremonial washing, which is what John was doing.  The Qumran sect, who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, practiced this type of washing.  Jesus was “washed” by John, it was necessary; so they are related but not the same.

Shadows from the Old Testament

  • The Flood in Genesis with Noah in a pitch covered boat
  • Moses in the Nile in a pitch covered basket (see Noah and Moses)
  • Moses and Israel passing through the Red Sea
  • Joshua and Israel passing through the Jordan River
  • Naaman (2 Kings 5) dipping in the Jordan River

A Hand or Four Fingers and a Thumb

Pope Francis has noted that ISIS hates and kills Christians; they don’t seem to care how you are baptized.

Sprinkled or dunked, infant or by choice, Matthew 28: 19 or Acts 10: 48 I will respectfully say that Jesus is Lord of Baptism!  Jesus gave instructions to His disciples and they followed them, we tend to complicate things!

My Start to Out of Egypt


I guess I am marking this as the beginning of writing Out of Egypt. I have been tagging things for a while “Out of Egypt” especially the Tribes of Israel study. My thought there was if you are getting out of Egypt, a look at how you got in may not hurt.

As I have been collecting thoughts on this I realized that there are a lot of movies and TV shows on Moses and the Exodus. To go with all of the shows there is no end of opinions and arguments about how it happened or could not have happened. Even TV shows that seems like they are documentaries supporting the Exodus always have at least one area where they can’t go with the Biblical account. This is still possibly one of the more supportive; The Exodus Decoded by Simcha Jacobovici but even this one tries to relegate some of the miracles to natural events. These websites take the show to task on various subjects.

1. 2.  I like what this site says,” In trying to find a “plausible scientific explanation” for Biblical events, the film misses a very important point: The Bible is a testament of faith, not a history or science book, written by authors who, inspired by the Holy Spirit, were trying to discern and understand God’s hand in the drama of salvation.”

Lately the focus has shifted to Moses; one recently talks about him as a military leader. I did not get the name, but I hope to see it replayed again. Its focus was on Moses as leader and offered what he did as natural, and took the miraculous out of the Exodus story. It tried to paint the picture that Israel were not just slaves before the Exodus. These websites do deal with some of these possibilities: and . It should be clear that if Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s house he would have had military training and the Camp Order is supposedly an Egyptian battle formation. My thoughts about Israel in Egypt were changed when I read about Ephraim’s sons being killed in a raid in 1 Chronicles 7:21; maybe they were not just quite shepherds.

One website that is Christian based and deals with the Red Sea crossing site is but it definitely does not go along with many current avenues of thought.

I am going to agree with the Catholic website; I am not looking for a “plausible scientific explanation.” He is a miraculous God and we, as His children need to celebrate that fact. I feel we have made many of His miracles into “common kid stories” and not taught them as fact like they really are. I am glad when there is an explanation for how God has used His creation to bless His children, but God is still God and if He wants to do an extraordinary act outside of His laws of nature that is fine with me.

Moses picture: