The Bible and Science – Wounds

(Note to the reader – This may be my first true “think out loud” post. But given the topic, I don’t think it is a problem.)

I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17a (NIV)

The different names and types of wounds.

There are many words that our Biblical translators call “wounds” so use a concordance if you are going into a deeper study of a verse. Here are other phrases/words that are associated with wound: stabs, racked with hungry, bruises, welts, dead, slain, casualties, plague, affliction, calamity, blows, slaughter, pain, sorrow, grief.

Causes of wounds.

  • Accidents
  • Disease
  • Enemies
  • Friends
  • Self-inflected – careless or intentionally
  • God allowed

Functions of wounds in the Bible.

  • To hurt
  • To get your attention
  • To heal you
  • To heal someone else

Medical plans for wound care.

  • Primary intention (intention is a planned thing and in medicine, it is the healing process) – This is when a wound is closed by “sewing” it together
  • Secondary intention – The wound is allowed to stay open so infection can drain.
  • Tertiary intention (tertiary is the third plan) – The wound is cleaned and purposely left opened for a time before closing it.

Facts about “natural” healing.

  • Your body has a complicated process for healing that is marked by certain stages. This process can be interrupted by outside causes or other personal issues such as disease in your body.
  • Depth and size of the wound can control the healing process.
  • Wound care can influence the healing process. Cleaning and ointments can speed the process, or at least keep it on course.
  • Wounds can cause visible scars at the point of injury.

∞ Jesus, thank you for the promise in Jeremiah 30: 17. Heal my wounds so that I can be a benefit to the body of Christ. Amen.

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