Jesus as the Master Healer

Jesus heals! Jesus is my Healer! Whether it has been in my physical body or an emotional problem He has been my Healer. It may have been fast or slowly over time but He has always been faithful to make Himself real to me in the area of healing.

Jesus heals now and when He was on the earth for the same reason; it is a way of proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven is now. People will argue theology but when you can say, “ This has been healed in my life because of Jesus” it is really hard to argue that. The testimony of someone who has been truly healed can be a real faith builder and a witness for those that knew about the illness, like Lazarus in John 12:10. The chief priest found it easier to try and kill Lazarus than argue/believe his healing. In Luke 7:14 (the young man on the stretcher) and in Matthew 9:18 (the ruler’s daughter) Jesus also “healed” them from death. Jesus did these to fulfill prophecy and to be a testimony to John the Baptist in Matthew 11:5.

As the Master Example of a Healer He used many different methods and even had to pray twice (Mark 8:24) for someone to get the job finished: He used mud made out of spit (John 9), laying on of hands (Luke22: 51), someone just touched Him (Matt. 9:20) and He spoke the word and it was done over a long distance (Matt. 8: 13). In the healing meetings when He had also taught not a lot is said how He did it but if He laid His hands on hundreds of people you know He had to be tired (like Brother Oral Roberts sitting in his revival meetings) or maybe it was like what happened at the Brownsville Revival when the anointing would just go out over the people and they would just start being healed. But in one-on-one healing situations, Jesus questioned them for exactly what they wanted (Matthew 20:32).

Jesus did not always do all of the healings that could have been done. The people in His hometown were offended and He could only do a few miracles there (Matt. 13: 58). I think this story also shows that He had a harder time with “lack of faith” than with sin. He did not ask about the ten lepers (Luke 17:12) spiritual status before He healed them and He was amazed that a “Samaritan” came back and thanked Him and not the nine “Jews” and I don’t remember the Demoniac of the Gerasenes (Mark 5) repenting before Jesus cast the demons out of him and healed him.

The demoniac in Mark 5 (clothed and in his right mind), the woman caught in adultery (John 8:3) and even His disciples are examples of Jesus healing emotions. Can you imagine how that woman felt when she looked up and no one was there and Jesus did not condemn her? And Simon the Zealot putting away his radical ideas and conforming to Jesus message of peace or Peter, the workman, being able to get along with Matthew, the tax collector.

Jesus made sure that His disciples knew how to carry on this aspect of the Good News because He sent them out to heal and preach and Peter and John certainly made a commotion when they healed the lame man in the book of Acts.

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