The Bible and Science – Blood

The blood is the life. Deuteronomy 12:23(NIV)

Wounds (physical/spiritual) are a part of living. Cuts, bruises, or hurt feelings will happen and healing will take place if you let. The Wikipedia article Wound Healing gives four predictable stages in the process of healing a wound: blood clotting, inflammation, the growth of new tissue, and the remodeling of tissue (maturation).

Our blood is amazing, it carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body, removes waste products, and defends against infections, and can self-seal its pipeline. This clotting ability is from platelets and proteins, so it is both a physical and chemical action. Blood knows when to start clotting and stop, and then can remove the “plug” as healing occurs.

The Bible says, “Life is in the blood.” It was the part of the sacrifice that was carried into Bloodbagsthe Holy of Holies. It was the loss of Jesus’ blood that brought redemption and healing to mankind.

As a body part blood weights about ten pounds or approximately 7% of your body. It is internal and only can do its job because of the heart. No other parts of the body can do its job without the unending work of the blood.

∞ Jesus, thank you for the hands, feet, eyes, and mouth of your Body but please help me to the blood in the Body of Christ.

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