Tribes of Israel – Family List

This is by no means all of the “Tribes” list; I choose these because they are at important junctions in the family’s story. I always assume that things in the Bible are there for a reason even if it is not readily apparent why. Notice how the positions of the brothers change especially Benjamin and the children of Leah, who are in italics. I really don’t have any great reason why some families are left out at various times. And though Reuben lost his birthright he still was held in a position of honor as viewed by his location on the listed.

The one thing I have noticed about the lists is there are always 12 names; you may have to not count Joseph like in Numbers 1 or Deuteronomy 33 or leave Levi out if he is surrounding the Ark or Temple as in Camp Order or Ezekiel 48.

4 thoughts on “Tribes of Israel – Family List

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