We Sat On The Beach

We sat on the beach today, my wife and I.     beach 1 10-13

Just went for a drive and wound up there.

No rushing traffic today, we needed air.

We faced the water, safely in front of the rushing tide.

A steady ocean breeze blew through the windows.

No concrete towers or wires overhead.

Waves and fluffy clouds overhead, white and spots of black with a little red from a sleepy sun. Just following one another silently, making their own lanes.

No rushing cars or moving people.

Birds ran along the sand.  Pelicans flew low between long rolling waves.  Gulls patrolled looking for dinner.

Crabs scurried in and out of their holes and jellyfish wash silently on shore.

No traffic noise or engine sounds or radios extra loud.

We talked and laughed, while waves roared ashore.

Our busy time was behind us, we faced a busy sea.

No red lights or flashing numbers.

Waves rolled at their pace, moving up the sand, changing colors with passing clouds while the light slipped lower.

Shadows inching across the sand covering the dunes decorated in yellow flowers.

No horns or tire noise pushing cars.

A quiet sound the waves provided, the sort that God can be heard through when He whispers to your ears.

Another drive, home this time but better than before; fresh and ready, until the next time.