Syncretism or the Love of Jesus

God is love.  Jesus is love.  Unfortunately, postmodernism has changed the very concept of love especially the love that Jesus offers.  His love is defined in the Bible.  You loving Jesus is not necessarily a list or set of rules but it is not the ignoring of the Bible. Redefining terms to meet your unwillingness to follow Jesus is not love.  Jesus laid His life down at the request of the Father, can you/we lay ours down at His request?

What picture is your idea of love?

A baby,                                    a crucified Savior,       whip-carrying corrector,

cropped-jesus-2.jpgCrucifix from Misson Espiritu in Goliad,TXThe_Moneychangers001

Jesus on the Donkey

Jesus on the Donkey




The one leperJesus_Curses_Fig_Tree_James




a victorious healer, a

curser of fig trees,     OR


preacher Sermon_on_the_Mount005Communion005woman healed

Jesus at the Tomb


worshipping the calf






a nice concept that lets you do what you want to do?

Solomon, Rehoboam, and Jeroboam left a legacy of confusion and syncretism of the worship of Jehovah that sentenced Israel/Judah to separation from God and the Land.

The truth is Jesus died on the cross and came out of the tomb in victory over SIN.  He did all He did to show us that He is the Way and that our way will not work.

I believe that 2015 will be a time to Clean-up So We Can Celebrate.  Jesus still stands at the door of your heart and is knocking but letting Him in means your way goes to the Cross so you can join Him outside of the empty TOMB!
jesus at door

I think I got all of the credits but if not let me know and I will find it. They should also be attached to the picture.  I did take several of these.


Things Found at the Beach Today

DSCF1420It was foggy today at the beach but a foggy day at the beach is still better than a sunny day in concrete canyons.


Life is like that, you always want it sunny but that is not how it works.  There are times when you just have to look around and find something good.  Just because things are small does not mean that they cannot be beautiful.

DSCF1456                                         DSCF1432




Stuff can be broken or out of place and have their own beauty.  DSCF1423






So if you are in doubt as to which way to go.       DSCF1458

I have two suggestions go with Jesus and go to the beach.

We Sat On The Beach

We sat on the beach today, my wife and I.     beach 1 10-13

Just went for a drive and wound up there.

No rushing traffic today, we needed air.

We faced the water, safely in front of the rushing tide.

A steady ocean breeze blew through the windows.

No concrete towers or wires overhead.

Waves and fluffy clouds overhead, white and spots of black with a little red from a sleepy sun. Just following one another silently, making their own lanes.

No rushing cars or moving people.

Birds ran along the sand.  Pelicans flew low between long rolling waves.  Gulls patrolled looking for dinner.

Crabs scurried in and out of their holes and jellyfish wash silently on shore.

No traffic noise or engine sounds or radios extra loud.

We talked and laughed, while waves roared ashore.

Our busy time was behind us, we faced a busy sea.

No red lights or flashing numbers.

Waves rolled at their pace, moving up the sand, changing colors with passing clouds while the light slipped lower.

Shadows inching across the sand covering the dunes decorated in yellow flowers.

No horns or tire noise pushing cars.

A quiet sound the waves provided, the sort that God can be heard through when He whispers to your ears.

Another drive, home this time but better than before; fresh and ready, until the next time.