Light and Dark – A Pattern to Explore

Light and Dark – A Pattern to Explore

A pattern that has become plain in studying light and dark is that God starts with dark and moves to light.  Another ingredient present in many of my examples is “three”, three of something makes up part of the story.  I have taken this as a reminder of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (A note to myself and the reader – It is Jesus that is important, not the pattern.) Also, these vignettes may mark the “end and start” of something.   

The most enduring of the examples is “day”. By God’s timekeeping day starts at dark and ends with the light of the afternoon. (See Time)

Genesis 1 and John 1

In the beginning there was dark and God spoke for light to appear.  I listed John 1 because it puts Jesus in the Genesis 1 story with the Father and the Holy Spirit.  (See Light and Dark #2) Please, for a moment put aside your thoughts on Creation and join the Father on this remarkable stage. 

Three– The Trinity is above a blank, water-covered, darkened world.  The Spirit, the breath of God, is waiting to trouble the waters.  The Father turns to Jesus, “Become the Light of the world.” The Spirit exhales as Jesus radiates a blinding brilliance.  Darkness, spiritual and physical, bow and retreat from the glory.  This picture shares things with Day of Pentecost – the wind and flames appearing (light).

End and Start– Genesis 1 marks the start of our age.  What had ended, we are not told, but there was a dark water-covered world. 

FURTHER THOUGHT – Write your “dark to light” experience. It may be your testimony. 

The Bible and Science – Water #1

Genesis 1:2b The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.(NIV) 

This simple statement right at the beginning of the Bible connects God with one of His most amazing creations – water.  This chemical compound is very simple yet it does important things in most branches of science.  Why, before we can get out of Clouds 2the first chapter of the Bible God separates it, gathers it, and puts living things in it.

Here are some examples of what happens with it:

  • Floods
  • It is feared
  • A lack of it changes history
  • Separates
  • Comes out of a rock
  • Makes borders
  • Is used to baptize
  • Sailed on
  • Fished it
  • Walked on
  • Makes big storms and wrecks ships

Water fountainWe find God using it all the way through Scripture right to the very last chapter of the Bible.  Revelation 22: 17 “Come!” Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life. (NIV)  Have you had that drink yet?

∞Father, thank You for water and Your free gift.  Help me remember to offer someone a drink today.

Assignment: I did not list all of the uses/functions of water; in fact I left out some rather important ones.  Find them and make a list.

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