The Bible and Science – Water #3

John 10:38b That you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father.

It is all about the electrons.  The oxygen and hydrogen atoms in water share electrons, this is known as covalent bonding.  Since the atoms share electrons this helps them reach a stable existence and it gives water some great properties.  I labeled the picturewater molecule with a positive and a negative end.  Usually you think of these terms as “good and bad” but here it means more electrons (negative) or less electrons (positive).

These positive and negative ends help water be the “universal solvent” (everything eventually dissolves in water).  They also give water its ability to line-up in long chains as I put in the diagram.  These chains allow water to move around as it does. See Water #1 and #2.

∞Father, thank you for being in Jesus and allowing us to share your power through His finished work on the cross.

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