Fast of the Firstborn – Before Passover

Fast of the Firstborn – Before Passover

Because I am following the days of Passover I need to add this.  There is much in the Jewish feast that is a shadow of Jesus (which is the real reason I choose to follow the Jewish days).  I am not trying to lay blame on God’s chosen people!  It is a shame that Christians in the past thought that it was their duty to punish the physical descendants of Abraham.  I am confident that God had a plan and still does for the Jews!

One of the things that happen before Passover is the Fast of the Firstborn.  (I am using information from, the link is below.)  The reason for this day is found in Exodus 13 where God claims all firstborn as His.  The firstborn of Egypt became the sacrifice for the firstborn of Israel, this is in Numbers 3:11 – 51.  The purpose of this day is to create a bond between God and man.  It occurs the day before Passover.

I can see a shadow of this in the Christian practice of Lent, where we are encouraged to give up “something” during the days that precede Easter.