My Study on Jesus’ Kingdom

This study is going to go on for a while!  I hope to use this page to list links to the post as they are written.  Several TV programs on Christian networks prompted my study, especially one show on the Sid Roth program.  As usual, I started with my concordance, dictionaries, and the Bible Gateway app.  I found that Matthew has the most references to the kingdom and Luke is second.  An argument over the terms kingdom of heaven or God had been a big deal.  But since the same stories in different gospels use different terms it hopefully has settled that they are talking about the same thing. 

Much of my study will revolve around the Gospel of Matthew.  Here are my reasons for that decision. 

  • Matthew has the most references/usages of the word kingdom.
  • Matthew was an eye-witness for much of Jesus’ ministry.  So was John and for some of the three years, Mark was there.  The Holy Spirit uses Luke to tell a story from what he had gleaned by talking with other eye-witnesses for a Greek believer; I find story placement in Luke very valuable.  
  • Matthew uses the term kingdom of heaven for his Jewish readers and sprinkles in phrase Kingdom of God at specific times.  The Kingdom of God is used by the other writers, for the most part (it is more of a Greek term).

In reading Matthew and focusing on the word kingdom, I circled the word by using Bible Gateway as an aid, it seemed that there were four sections of teaching on the kingdom. 

  1. The first is from Matthew 3: 2 to 8: 12.  
  2. The second is from 9: 35 to 13: 52. 
  3. The third block of teachings is 13: 53 to Holy Week.
  4. The fourth block is from the Triumphal Entry to the Ascension.  

The first two blocks of teachings start with messages about John the Baptist and Repent.  The third one begins with Jesus going home (Nazareth) and being rejected by the town.

This third block contains the feeding of the 5000, which is in all four Gospels and covers Holy Week. I will use these two events to frame this third block.  Comparing and injecting teaching/parables and events from the other Gospels that occur during this time is proving interesting. Themes and ideas are repeated but they get more intense with each block.  My next post will be about Joseph of Arimathea (from Luke).  I am starting with the third block because of Holy Week, Passover/Easter, and Pentecost.  I will list and link them from this page.

First Block – The First Block of Teaching on Kingdom, Elisha, Elijah, Elijah- Questions/Answers, John the Baptist

Second Block – Matthew 11, Matthew 12 + 13, Juxtaposition of Tell/Don’t Tell,

Third Block

Joseph of Arimathea – Easter 2019 

The Thief – Easter 2019, On His Way to Jerusalem

Fourth Block – Fourth Block of Teaching

On His Way to Heaven, On His way to Jerusalem

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