Things Paul Wrote About – Slaves to Righteousness

Just as intense as being a slave to sin, we can be slaves to righteousness!  The more we “sell” ourselves to Jesus the more of Him we will want.  And just as we gave into sin, we have to put ourselves into submitted relationship with Jesus.

Jesus will be as gentile as sin was harsh.  He values us just as much as sin could care less about us.  He will use us for good as sin would use us for evil.

The verses below are my attempts at paraphrasing.

Romans 6:18– Because we are slaves to righteousness we are set free from sin. (16) If we are slaves being obedient to God it leads to righteousness.  (22) Now that we are slaves to God we are free from sin and can have the benefits of holiness that lead to eternal life.

Romans 7:25– Because of Jesus my Lord, God delivered me, so I choose to have my mind focused on God’s Law.

Romans 8:15– The Spirit of God does not bring fear but reminds us that we are children of the Father and can call on Him.

Galatians 4:7+8– God made us heirs because He made us His children, so we are no longer slaves to things that are not gods.  (5:1) We need to stand against being tied up by sin, because Christ made us free from things that use to have us all tied up.

1 Corinthians 9:19– Paul choose (sold himself) to be a slave of God, to serve people, so he could win as many as possible to Jesus.  (27) Paul choose to make himself a slave to righteousness and deny himself so he would not disqualify himself from the good things of God.

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