Things Paul Wrote About – Slaves and Masters

Being aware of human trafficking and slavery you would want to find a clear answer to the problem/question in the Bible.  But in Paul’s writings and the rest of the Bible, it seems to send a mixed message!  Paul does not condemn slavery nor does he promote it.  In Exodus 21 there are guidelines for when Israelites sold themselves into slavery (bond servant).  Many of Paul’s letters mention slaves and masters, and how they are to view and treat each other:

slaves to master– Ephesians 6:5, Colossians 3:22, 1 Timothy 6:1,2a, Titus 2:9

master to slaves– Ephesians 6:9 Colossians 4:1; 1 Timothy 6:2b

So how should slavery be viewed?  The answer is one of the basic teachings of Christianity and is found in many places in Scripture: Luke 6:31 – do to others as you would have them do to you; Romans 13:9, Galatians 5:14 – Love your neighbor as yourself.  Slavery is wrong because no one wants to be treated and used as slaves!

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