Eliashib “Why is the house of God neglected?”

Who is Eliashib?  Well, definitely not a top 40 Bible character!  Can’t find him then go to Nehemiah 13.

Eliashib is a priest; well not just a priest he is the High Priest (v. 28) after the 70-year (Sabbath) rest of the land that Jeremiah predicted.  This was because Israel had forgotten about Jubilee and that the land was to get a rest also.

The quick storyline of Nehemiah – Nehemiah, an official of King Artaxerxes, petitions to go to Jerusalem and rebuild the town wall.  He does it in record time but he has opposition Tobiah and Sanballat who hate Israel and Jerusalem.  Nehemiah sets things right and is called back to Artaxerxes.  (We will assume Ezra the priest has died.)

Eliashib who apparently has not read the Book of Moses (or did not care) cleared out the room reserved for the grain offering for the Levites and let Tobiah move in.  This set several things into motion.  The Levites had to go back to their fields because of no more grain offerings.  No Levites, no one to stop merchandise from coming into Jerusalem on the Sabbath. Then Nehemiah found that men were marrying foreign women.  These were some of the sins that lead to the destruction of Jerusalem and here they were doing it again.  Who was leading this destructive behavior, the High Priest?  It was so bad the Eliashib had allowed his grandson to marry into Sanballat’s family.  So the boy would have been in line to be the High Priest.

What happened, the people read the Bible and put an end to it and then the man of God shows up and changes the High Priest because he ran Eliashib and his family off.

Point is READ your Bible and Know the Word.

Last point – The people had read Deuteronomy 23:3 that no Moabite should be allowedDavid052 into the assembly of God.  What about David and Solomon?  Their grandmother was Ruth the Moabite.  Did God just overlook His Word?  Look at Ruth 4:9 Boaz as kinsmen-redeemer got Ruth as a wife.  He redeemed Ruth!  I image it was just like Jesus redeeming us, we became new people in the sight of the Law and anything in the past cannot be counted against us.


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