Bible Study 2013

Number 13

Before I think about 2013 I will look back at my 2012 Bible Study and say that I did a lot of my goals but not all of them.

Darlene Zschech said when she was at Lakewood Church in 2012,

“If your Bible is falling apart your probably not.”

That is my pray for everyone, read your Bible enough that it has to be taped together to keep from losing pages. That the side of your Bible is so stained that you can tell what part you read the most. That the marker you use in your Bible runs out of ink and that it’s pages have a rainbow appearance from constantly marking it. Now to be fair I have found that the fewer pieces of paper you stuff in your Bible the longer the covering will stay in one piece.

My Bible study goals for the New Year are wrapped up in my writing goals.

  • Science and the Bible
  • Out of Egypt
  • The Gospel in the Old Testament

If I can get these three things started/done this year it will be a lot.

My challenge/hope is that you will write down a plan and read and write your way through 2013. May it be the start of something new for you! (see study on 13)

May your wisdom and understanding increase in 2013,


graphic by Ryan Johanningmeier

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