Happy New! With a new year upon (epi) us I thought about new things, face it 2021 and the covid makes you want to look ahead. This is a quick look into “new”, mainly because I got this bright idea yesterday (12/30). If you use a Bible search tool, know you will put up with the word news. So, I used an old tool, my “brick and mortar” concordance, it has been awhile. Two “verses” stood out in my quick study-Matthew 9:16+17/Mark 2:21+22 and Hebrews 10:20. 

Matthew 9:16+17/Mark 2:21+22 In this story, which starts off talking about fasting, three words carry the idea of new (In the Strong’s KJV). Those words are (agnaphos) Strong: G46, (neos) Strong: G3501, and (kainos)Strong: G2537. We use these metaphors for being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. Can’t/won’t argue those points, but do they have more to offer? The reason I ask this is it preserved both wines and skins because of the action taken.  

  • Agnaphos is associated with the unshrunk cloth. It is only used 2x in the NT, here in this story.
  • Neos is the new wine. Neos is used many times in the NT.
  • Kainos is the new wineskin. It is used many times in the NT.

Hebrews 10:20 The “new” word here is (prosphatosStrong: G4372. It is used only in the NT. The context of the passage is the curtain/the Lord’s body is a new and living way into forgiveness of sin. Remember the old way required shedding blood and sprinkling it on the altar.  

Strong’s has one other “new” word-(gleukos) Strong: G1098. It is in Acts 2:13 and refers to the new wine that the crowd was convinced the disciples were drunk on. It amazes me that this new wine can make people drunk when many claim it is unfermented. This is an interesting contrast with neos and the new wine in Matthew, which appears to ferment and might ruin an old skin.

I used the Mounce Bible as a reference in this study.