High Adventures in Tibet

High Adventures in Tibet by David V. Plymire is one of my favorite books. It is not a new book but they have reprinted it several times so it is still available.

It is the story of David Victor Plymire a pioneer missionary to Tibet from 1908 to 1949. The book starts with an article that is a reprint of a 1937 Readers Digest article about a group of Bonism priest calling for Yamantaka the King of Hell. It sets the tone for the book especially when you notice that this occurred during the time Plymire was a missionary.

The book relates the highs and lows the missionary endured for the privilege to bring the Word of God to this rugged land at the top of the world.

Below are several websites that have more information on the man and his family.



Picture from, it is also in the book.   http://world.ag.org/article/call-obedience-0