Easter 2015 – Reflections – IT

It Is Finished.

John 19:30 has the last three words Jesus said on Good Friday, “It is finished.” The word finished is teleo meaning to complete, conclude, or discharge. It comes from telos which infers a point set as a limit; my Strong’s/Vine’s Concordance goes further and says in is the end, a termination, whether of time or purpose and says a secondary denotation is what is paid for public ends, tolls, or customs. Ok, how many sermons have and can come from just the word finished in this phrase.

The word “it” however is what grabbed my attention. I can remember people talking about exactly what was finished:

  • Redemptive Work
  • Aaron’s Priesthood
  • The Old Covenant – every jot and tittle
  • His Life (earthly)
  • Sacrifices and the Temple Worship

If I may I would like to add the ending of the judgment on the people before the Flood. 1 Peter 4: 6 says He had to preach the gospel to them also, that would have brought about the end of that Judgment.