Are You Grounded? The Bible and Science


The etymologies of many words that are used in science have a Latin origin because that allows everyone to have a common point of reference.  I was asked what was the origin of the word Humility.  After a dictionary search the word humility comes from the Latin word humilitas, which can be translated, humble, to be grounded, or humus (of the earth).  If you do a search of Wikipedia and other on-line sources you will find numerous opinions from various religions and philosophers even a best selling author of a business book on what it is and how important humility is to success.  Of course there are the criticisms of it by people like Nietzsche and others.

Humus to me as a gardener is the remains of organic material.  But as I look at this whole idea I still don’t see that humility has to be equated with weakness or something unimportant.  A garden grows better when you put humus back into the soil and instead of being something to walk on you may need to realize that it is actually supporting your walk.

∞Jesus, help us to have humility so we can also heal the sick, walk on water, clear out Temple Courts, and take our cross and follow You.