Christian Life Lesson From An Exercise Bike


  1. The true driving force behind ME exercising is the Doctor said, “Get rid of the excess weight, strengthen your heart, and improve your endurance or your race maybe shorter than you like and it may not be what you want.”
  2. People may start to use exercise machine for many different reasons, just make sure that you plan to finish your goal. So that means you HAVE to set one!!

The Bike

  1. Something I noticed that is almost heart breaking – pedaling faster does not speed up the clock.
  2. Given the variety of machines and the different programs and features they offer one things still remains true – you have to use the machine for it to do any good!
  3. You may pick an exercise program or you can go manual.
  4. My bike gives the option of changing the amount of pressure I have to deal with, but does that help me make my goal?

Others Thoughts

  1. To be effective on the bike you have to breathe well! Bringing in a fresh breath is important, but so is breathing out after the breath.  Get and give out.
  2. Both the use of the manual program and a prescribed program are useful. Change (for you) is a factor here.
  3. When there is a change in the resistance or you purposely change your routine, you will experience trouble. The thoughts of quitting or “this is too much” will show up.  They are real and you will need to work with them and through them.  If you keep going and go to another level, they will go away.
  4. These changes will make you breath differently.
  5. You will see and feel changes in your heart, breathing, and overall health, but are they your goal? Don’t slack off keep going and review your goals!
  6. Given programed workouts, resistance settings, and media influence I have noticed that I tend to start and/or slip back too something that I call a natural pace. This can fit into anything you choose to do. A natural pace is how fast you go unless you focus on changing the intensity of the workout.
  7. Anything amount of exercise you do should benefit you, but will just going at a natural pace allow you to reach your goal? I have noticed that my natural pace has increased (gotten higher) over time.  I credit this to pressing myself to change the workout.
  8. What you put on (clothing) can affect your workout.
  9. Working out with someone is good. But does that person encourage you to do your best or has it become a competition to see you will do the best/most.

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