Jordan vs. Euphrates


  • The Jordan River starts near Mount Hermon and flows to the Dead Sea this distance is 124 miles (200 km) but because it meanders it is about 223 miles (360 km) in length.
  • The Euphrates River starts in Turkey near the Ararat Mountains and flows to the Persian Gulf, approximately 1,740 miles (2,800 km).
  • According to Google if you walk from one to the other it could take you 280 hours, about 12 days because it is 862.9 miles (1388.6 km).

The people who have inhabited these two river valleys have been at odds with each other for a very long time. In the Bible, the first mention of this fighting is in Genesis 14 where the kings of Elam and Shinar (Babylon) are attacking the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah. The only reason this makes it into the Bible is that Abram’s nephew Lot is taken captive and is being carried away as a slave. Abram (Abraham) along with his allies quickly put a stop to this and chase away the Euphrates River kings. This thrashing went on for more than 40 miles and ended with a recovery of people and property.

“The Euphrates Valley – Syria, Kurdistan, et cetera by Edward Stanford Ltd. – WDL” by Edward Stanford Ltd. – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –,_Kurdistan,_et_cetera_by_Edward_Stanford_Ltd._-_WDL.png#mediaviewer/File:The_Euphrates_Valley_-_Syria,_Kurdistan,_et_cetera_by_Edward_Stanford_Ltd._-_WDL.png