The Bible and Science -When Nothing Is Something!

When Nothing Is Something!

hst_hourglass_nebula_smallI recently watched an episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman the title was Nothing. What they were exploring was the emptiness of space and even the concept of the space between electrons. The total thought of the show was that because of “dark matter” that maybe the emptiness of space may not be empty instead it has energy in it. Now I know many people are reaching for the mouse to find something else to read while saying this is a Bible Study blog. Please hang in there and finish reading. The reason I am commenting on this is that after Mr. Freeman opened with a slight miss quote of Genesis 1:1 he basically said that science had their own “god” and their own “beginning.” I wanted to know how “NOTHING” was replacing God. I also found it aggregating that the next scene was Freeman as a boy in an old country church holding a Bible trying to figure out what true nothingness felt like. His point was he could not.

The main point that the panel of experts made was that there is a lot of nothing in the universe; which is correct. Another point is that our idea of nothing/empty for space is not completely correct; since we see light from distant stars and galaxies there is light energy passing through it. So what the science community is doing is redefining space/time and our concept of “nothing.”

Some of the things they discussed were: 1. There was something before the big bang, 2. The states of things before the big bang were at a “higher level” than afterward, 3. “Empty” space is filled with energy that should have the potential to destroy the universe and 4. That this energy/waves are causing the universe to expand. It may sound strange but these do not disprove God and some actually agree with Scripture: 1. The thought that something was there before the big bang agrees with Genesis 1:1; the Spirit of God was hovering over water in an empty world. 2. The different “levels” sound like the Second Law of Thermodynamics that basically states that systems start in order and proceed to a state of disorder. A perfect creation becoming what we see now on earth agrees with that Law. 3. The idea that the universe is filled with energy and some of those energies are canceling each other out is a constant symbolism in the Bible an example of this is found in Colossians 1:12 + 13 where the inheritance of the saints is referred to as the “Kingdom of Light” and that we have been rescued from the “dominion of darkness.” The idea that these energies could destroy the universe is echoed in Isaiah 34: 4 where stars of heaven will be dissolved and fall and the sky will roll up like a scroll. 4. This idea is not really Biblical but preachers have been using it for a long time; the light should just keep going so the phrase is “when God spoke to light into being it started and is still going.”

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