The Apple of the Eye

The Apple of the Eye” is a term for caring and protecting, it is usually reserved for a loved one but I have heard it used for objects and things. In the Bible it is used four times the first three is ison and the last time it is baba; it actually means “the little man or child of the eye.” The pupil or the dark circle of your eye can reflect the image of someone looking into the eye. We humans do really protect our eyes, it is automatic and that little bump called the cornea is very sensitive. We blink, have tear ducts and cry, shield our eyes from bright lights and things coming at those two little-indented light receptors.Schematic_of_the_human_eye_en

Deuteronomy 32:10 is part of a song Moses shared on the day that the Lord called him to Mt. Nebo to die. In this part of the song, Moses is talking about Jacob/Israel and how God found him and protected him. As the apple of God’s eye, Jacob is compared to a baby eagle that is being taught to fly. God says He will care for him, shield him, and spread His wings and catch Israel when they fall.

Psalm 17:8 – David is asking God to show him His love and answer his prays. David wants to be hidden under the wing of God (protected like the apple of the eye) and protected from mortal enemies.

Proverbs 7:2 – Here “the Father” is telling His son to guard the teachings and commands He has been taught as the “apple of your eye.”  This comes in the middle of a discourse about staying away from adultery and a wayward sexual lifestyle.

Zechariah 2:8 – This chapter is very interesting and may get its own study. Having read several translations and then the comments about verses 6 – 9 it is still a little cloudy as to who is speaking but it seems that the Godhead is referring to itself about the nations who have touched Jerusalem/Judah. The Lord is saying that since they touched the apple of His eye He will cause the downfall of Babylon.

In verse 12 the Lord says He will take Judah as His portion and choose Jerusalem again. This is very much like Deuteronomy 32:9 which was the first use of the apple of the eye. I need to note here that Zechariah and Haggai are written as the construction on the Temple in Jerusalem is about to begin again after being stopped in Ezra 4:24.

Translations read for Zechariah 2 – KJV, NIV, Living Bible, Knox, and Moffatt.

The Zondervan NIV Exhaustive Concordance was also used for definitions.

The Bible and Science – Light #2

* Matthew 6:22b – If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. (NIV)

The only reason we see light is because of little receptors in our eyes called cones and rods. (They get their name from their shape.) The cones allow us to see colors while the Schematic_of_the_human_eye_enrods are responsible for black and white vision. Unless an object glows the way we see it is by light reflecting off of it to our eyes. The light enters our eye and the wavelengths of energy are focused on the receptors of our retina. The cones and rods are stimulated and pass the message to our brain by the optic nerve. In the brain, the message is decoded and we “see” the image. The eye is designed to have the light hit the retina in the area of the eye called the Fovea; there is actually a higher concentration of cones in this area while the rods are more concentrated just outside of this area. The famous “apple of the eye” is the cornea.

The cones come in three types a red, green and a blue one. Now if that sounds familiar it should because they are the three colors that power our televisions and color monitors. RGB additive colorsNow, these three colors of light can be overlapped to produce all others colors of LIGHT in what is known as an additive process. (Light and color pigments do not combine the same way and yield different results.)

Visible (white) light is a combination of colors but each individual color is its own particular wavelength, which translates into a specific energy. We depend on white light for many things but the individual colors are also important. Our knowledge of colored light and pigments are expanding but we know that humans do react to colors.  There is evidence that they can affect our mood and how we feel while looking at various colors of light.

It is interesting that the triune of red, green and blue light (energy) will give you white light while the same triune of colors in a physical material, like crayons, will give you a dark color. I have never really gotten black it is usually a dark brown color.

I like the comparison of light and the church; the church needs a blend of people (energy) to shine forth God’s glory. Just like it takes the colors of the rainbow to give you white light.

Father, let us use our energies in Your Church so You will get the glory.