Daughter Zion – Observations and Questions

My study on Daughter Zion has pushed my “tent flaps” out and left me with a lot of questions because of my observations. This post is not going to answer many questions and there may not be a lot of question marks. To join me in this idea you have to know that I am trying to view this from the perspective of a holy righteous God.

Zion – This term has added several meanings since David captured the town he wanted to be his headquarters. It has grown to represent Jerusalem, the Hebrew people, and heaven itself. The town or at least the area is connected with Melchizedek, the priest of The Most High God that met Abraham with refreshments. The poetic nature of the prophets and our God has added the term Daughter of Jerusalem with it in several prophecies.


The word daughter has been used hundreds of times in the Bible (NIV), especially in our Old Testament. The phrase “sons and daughters” makes up roughly half of those. Daughter Zion is used about thirty times (NIV). Daughter Jerusalem is used about six times; starting with Isaiah and going to Zachariah. Song of Solomon uses “daughters of Jerusalem” several times, but I think that is really a call to the women in the city.

This noun, this title, and the object of a father’s love have caused me to do a lot of reflection. To view Daughter Zion correctly you need to leave man’s emotions behind and see her through God’s eyes. The Father is very serious about His Daughter and has a plan for Her; unfortunately, She had other ideas.

Who/When – This will be very general.

  • David was the first to use the phrase, Daughter Zion.
  • God’s Girl next appears in Isaiah and Micah. The Assyrians are “messing” with His daughter, and She is losing focus.
  • Zephaniah is the next prophet to tell Her to sing (3:14). Assyria is the major enemy.
  • Jeremiah and his songs of Lamentations talk about Her many times. The Babylonians are the oppressors, but She has developed Her own problems.
  • Zechariah talks about Her three times. 9:9 is the last mention in the Old Testament, but Matthew and John repeat the promise in the New Testament.

Eve, Daughter Zion, Bride of the Lamb – Observations lead to questions, but answers require diligence and study. These three “women” came from a man and in Scripture are tied to him.

  • Eve came from Adam’s side and then the Father finished forming her.
  • Daughter Zion is a part of Israel that is associated with David.
  • The Bride of the Lamb is being formed because of the blood of Jesus. Why did I use Lamb and not Christ? Much to my surprise the “bride of Christ” is not in Scripture. Revelations 19:6-9 and 22:17 does have the Lamb getting married. This is a “mystery” but given the number of “marriage” parables Jesus used in explaining His Kingdom, it should not be a surprise.

Yes, I have questions from comparing these three “women” but more study is required. Eve and Daughter Zion were/are important, both made mistakes and also had promises given to them. O Church of Jesus, who will be the Bride of the Lamb, we do not want to make their mistakes.

General Observations about Daughter Zion

  1. She is associated with mounts, gates, walls, and other structures. So, on one level, She is a city.
  2. She starts off well.
  3. Micah and Jeremiah have Her in trouble with Babylon dragging Her away.
  4. Zechariah promises a comeback because the Messiah will return to Her.
  5. Daughter ________ is a term that has held some surprises. (See the first post.) Some enemies have been giving that term! With that said, I believe that Daughter Zion is a term of affection and shows the depth of love that the Father has for His daughter(s).

Your Turn – There was a Daughter Babylon, a Daughter Judah, a Daughter Jerusalem, and a Daughter Zion; why was there no daughter Samaria?

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