Psalm 9:11

Psalm 9: 11 (KJV) Sing praises to the Lord, which dwelleth in Zion: declare among the people his doings.

Sing praises to the Lord” is where I have stopped with this verse for years without thinking about the middle and the last part of this passage. Well, not today.

Which dwelleth in Zion” should be a timestamp as to when David wrote this Psalm. David brought the Ark to his city built on Mount Zion in 2 Samuel 6. One reference made a big deal about the fact that Mount Zion is where the Temple is. True, but Solomon built that. Zion was the area, at one time, that we would call the City of David. This is not the Jerusalem of Jesus’s day but a smaller portion. Since Jerusalem is named before the division of the land I guess it is the area the Melchizedek had built up in Genesis. The city expanded as David bought the threshing floor to sacrifice to stop the destroying angel and Solomon built the Temple. David actually brought Goliath’s head here after he had cut it off. My guess is that was a warning of things to come.

The last part really caught my attention in this reading- “declare among the people his doings”. That sounds like God has always wanted His people to be evangelists. To some degree that was done as the people were exiled by the Assyrians and Babylonians. Remember, the Wise Men knew of the prophecy about the Messiah. If David wrote this it predates either of those dark times for Israel. I said “if” because experts always have much to say about things like that. I will say that style and grammar issues may have an answer in the fact that David had a special anointing of the Holy Spirit that was helping him. The point is that God has always wanted His people to tell others about Him.

A look at Psalms 9 and 10 are in order. These two psalms together are acrostic, or the Hebrew alphabet was used, in order, to start the verses. Verse 11 starts with Zain or the seventh letter in the alphabet. Yes, there is much controversy about this also. Another feature of this Psalm is in verse 16. The word higgaion is before the word Selah. The word is also in Psalms 19:14 and 92:3 where it is translated to meditation.

More Study – I mentioned Melchizedek, but look into Adoni-Zedek (Joshua 10) and Adoni-Bezek (Judges 1) and their relationship to Jerusalem.    

These are sites I used, hopefully, they will be helpful to you. Please cut and paste.

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