Bible 911

My series, Bible 911, will be an opportunity to have fun in a Bible study. I will be looking at the ninth chapter in every Book that has one. Why? There are several personal reasons, but none of my reasons are because of warnings to the U.S.A., that Christians need to be in fear, angel or demon numbers, or any of the other things I found on the internet about this series of numbers. I know that the Holy Spirit was directing the numbering of the Word so there would be order, but to worship, the work of a Jewish rabbi and a French printer is a push.

The initial study has shown me interesting verses that cover a wide variety of topics. Yes, I looked at every chapter 9 and verse 11 in the Bible. Why, because I could.

I will say that the 911, 811, 711, 611, 511, 411, 311, 211, and 111 (New Zealand and others) phone numbers were created to be helpful for people in need and are an easy way to spread pertinent information. It is a shame that people have misused 911 to create false emergencies that send resources to non-emergencies, and to prank people and police departments. I hope and believe that our 911 responders will have wisdom as they answer those calls. Sometimes the caller is the problem and not who they are calling about. I was glad when they came to help me.  

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