Prologue to The Stirring

       Long before our Teachers wrote our history, the lands that surrounded the Mountain and the Sacred Forest were Těras. Těras extended north from the shores of the Emerald Ocean, past the Northern Marches into the High Mountains. With the Harbor River in the middle of the land, Těras went toward the rising sun to the Eastern Grasslands. On the other side of the River, it went to the setting sun past the lands that drain into the River Classe.

Kings and Messengers used the word from the Old Tongue to describe what happened here – Těras, which means wonder. The oldest of the Writings and the Eternal’s Letter talk about all the wonderful things the Eternal did for man and animals in those days. He allowed the Animals of the Forest and Believers of Těras to share a common voice. With that honor came the responsibility to protect and care for one another. We Talkers of Těras have shielded the Mountain and the Sacred Forest for many eons.

       Since they set pen to paper, Talkers moved from the Forest into the Valley and toward the setting sun. This fair land became Semeia, and the Eternal did mighty Signs there. Other Talkers traveled over the Northern Mountains and across the Emerald Ocean.

       Before the reigns of King Charles of Těras and Elton, King of Semeia, the descendants of the families who sailed from Těras returned from a land they called Cabul. The Kings granted them the Land of the Valley. So, because of the treaty they signed and their oath, these immigrants have lived peacefully between Těras and Semeia. In their days away from the Forest, they ceased being able to talk with the Animals because their knowledge and love of the Eternal waned. 

Through the years, Těras, especially the Forest, had become a haven for the Animals; people could still come to the Forest, but it was for the Animals. They especially welcomed two groups of people, even needed in the Sacred Forest: Messengers and Guardians. Messengers were commissioned by the Eternal, to encourage Talkers and Non-Talkers to follow Him. Messengers protected the spiritual, and the Guardians protected the physical. The Guardians are selected Talkers, human and animal, that defend the Forest from all enemies. 

Armies and Kings with Messengers and Guardians are important, but the Singing Sword is the tool that is the focus of the Power that guards Těras. The Eternal uses the Sword to choose its Bearer. For many years, it has not needed a Bearer because peace prevailed in the Land. So, the Singing Sword has been at rest in the Chapel of The Ages in Palace of the King of Těras. 

Recently, the Sword chose the second son of Charles, King of Těras. The second son, Marek, was just a boy when the Sword went to him. This strange happening occurred in a time of peace, with the boy being too young, by Law, to be Landgrave of North Těras, which by Custom and Law was his to rule when he reached the proper age.

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