Rats #2

Rats #2

I have noticed in the “search terms” box a number of people wanting the “meaning” of rats in dreams, etc. Rats in the Bible discusses the few times they are mentioned and the possible problem they caused in Samuel.

When they are in dreams I think you need to check what they are doing in the dream.  Most people think of the black rat.  They cause fear and loathing in many people and that is what is projected into dreams.

In Samuel, God uses the “rats” and the problems they “carry” to bring judgment on the Philistines. Being a science teacher, I need to mention the parasites, the rats carry, cause a lot of damage.

Being fair to the rats, we do need to remember that they would have been in the sheet that Peter dreamed about in Acts.

5 thoughts on “Rats #2

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    • Daniel, as much as that may be true because many people have been taught to loathe and fear rats. In them living their lives they have cause huge problems. They have been unwelcome visitors in my home several times and I did not invite them to stay. Other plants and animals should also carry that thought. Rabbits and frogs have caused massive destruction in Australia, elephants living life in parts of Africa are viewed with the same contempt. In the U.S.A. I can think of several plants, fish, and reptiles that are causing problems. We also have pigs and coy-wolves creating problems all over the country. In some countries a rat could be the ideal meal, yes Peter’s dream in Jaffa included them. I still think that they need to be viewed as to what they are doing in the dream!

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