Passover to Pentecost – After the Cloud!

Passover to Pentecost – After the Cloud!         Week 6 Day 6

When he ascended on high, he lead captives in his train and gave gifts to men.  Ephesians 4: 8, Psalms 68: 18 (NIV)

(Warning- some of this may not exactly be in the Bible, but I am pretty sure this is how it happened.)

Once Jesus was hidden by the cloud and out of sight, the party started.  Gabriel had rolled out the rainbow carpet made of pure gemstones.  The heavenly choir was filling the air with Jesus’ favorite songs and those joyous strains were bouncing off of the clouds causing everything to tremble with excitement. The captives that had come up with Him were slowly walking towards the City.  They were wide-eyed and excited as they joined the angels and saints that lined the road.  Twelve legions of angels were at His right and left hand awaiting His commands.

The Son had been away and now was ready to start His journey into the City.  The first thing He needed to do was put on His robes.  The angelic band was leading the parade.  The choir changed their tune to match the music of When the Saints Go Marching In.  Moses, Elijah, David, and all of the prophets were right behind the band.  They were dancing and whirling around while shouting the glories of God.  The Seven Spirits from before the throne were leading in the victorious Jesus.  The angelic army filed in behind Him making a mighty column with Jesus grandly leading.

It was hard to tell if it was a white charger Jesus was riding or a cloud shaped like a horse.  He had on His gold sash, and it was shining like the sun.  Stars were glowing as they moved about Him, and He had His sword in His left hand.  Resting carefully on the saddle and being held by His right hand was an earthen cruse filled with liquid.  It must have been precious because Jesus was taking special care of it.

The city had been buzzing for forty days as preparations were being made for the return of the King.  As the procession entered the Gate of Pearl the eruption of joy started.  As Jesus passed the shining portal the streets of gold and every stone of every building broke out in unrestrained hallelujahs.  The hallelujahs continued to ripple through the crowds of angels and saints.  The waters of the River of Life were resonating into waves and the waves were clapping their hands to rhythm of the hallelujahs.   The praise lasted until Jesus reached the true Holy of Holies.

Before He entered to meet His Father and God, Jesus removed the stopper from the earthen cruse and began to sprinkle its contents on the Altar.  It was His blood from Calvary, that had trickled down that wooden post to be collected and bottled by the earth it touched.  Once emptied the plain earthen bottle became a chalice of the purest gold.  Jesus left it on the Altar.

Jesus bowed before His Father, who rose to hug His Son.  He then pointed to His right where there was an empty throne.  Jesus had just sat down when two angels carried in a footstool and carefully placed Jesus’ feet on it.  From inside His robe Jesus pulled out a ring with two keys on it and placed them on the footstool.  With that done the Father smiled and the party really started.

The feasting, singing, and merrymaking continued for ten days.  About nine in the morning of the tenth day, Jesus stood up from His throne and everyone became silent.  There was a twinkle in His eye as He asked the Holy Spirit to go earth, especially Jerusalem, and fulfill the prayers that the disciples had been praying.  Off the Spirit rushed, He was in such a hurry it sounded like a mighty wind or a trumpet blast.  What party would be complete if there were no gifts?  The Holy Spirit had them with Him and He was going to give them out as He saw fit.

Heaven was silent as Peter preached the sermon that morning, Jesus smiled.  The partying started again as three thousand people accepted Peter’s invitation to follow Jesus.  We have had reasons to rejoice every day because people are still being added to the Church.

Has Heaven been able to celebrate over you?  If not read the post entitled – Following Jesus?  Give the angels something to shout about.

8 thoughts on “Passover to Pentecost – After the Cloud!

  1. Sometimes it just takes someone with imagination and a gift for using words to make things we can’t see much more real! Thanks, love the picture you painted!

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