Passover to Pentecost – The Beta Program

Passover to Pentecost – The Beta Program       Week 4 Day 3

 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.   When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.  Matthew 13: 45 + 46 (NIV)

I left a comfort zone on this post so I hope the terms and concepts are correct. I have helped to field test a new educational product line, and I see what the disciples did in Acts as being very similar.  All of the references will be from the Book of Acts.

  • Have a plan developed and present it to the staff. (1:7)
  • The staff needs an intense preparation period. (1:14)
  • Make sure you have the proper staff to start the project. (1:21)
  • Have a big “kick-off” to start the program. (2:2)
  • Play off of public interest, explain what is going on, and relate it to previous experiences thus showing how better your program is. (2:14-41)
  • Initiate the Beta test. In the case of Acts it was baptism, Apostle teaching’s, fellowship, communion, and prayer. (2:41-43)
  • Look for and validate results. There were awesome miracles, shared lives, God praised, people see a change and are favorable, and new growth. (2:44-47)
  • Take opportunities to spread the message and receive competition from the establishment. (3:1 -4:22)
  • First beta test passed. (4:23 – 31 especially verse 29)
  • Study the program and find highlights of the results. Spotlight people. (4:32-37)
  • Internal challenge to first Beta test. (5:1-42)
  • Implement the second Beta test. (6:1-7)
  • Go live with new program. (Chapters 7-12)
  • Next level of program Chapters 13 to 28.

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