Passover to Pentecost – Reflections

Passover to Pentecost – Reflections

Writing Passover to Pentecost has been a challenge; to choose topics, study, and write fifty-six posts in approximately seventy days.  These are things that just stood out as I went through the process of doing this series.

  1. After reading the account of the first Passover and its requirements for participation, I see no problem with a local church having events that the general public is not invited too. In fact, I would encourage “family only” meetings.
  2. The biblical day and calendar is a completely different mindset. It is nice to think of starting your day with rest.
  3. Procedures and rules will take over when the power of the Holy Spirit is absent from church meetings.
  4. There should be days and times of the year that should be remembered and made special. The feast are celebration times that God ordained to have people stop and think of Him and what He has done us.
  5. Resting one day a week and like on feast days literally have two or more days in a row where you do no work, expect to reflect on the mercies of God.
  6. Pray and forgiveness
  7. Complaining, especially about miracles, is not a good thing. If it has anything to do with food (what the Lord has provided) it is really a good idea to just keep quiet.

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