The Bible and Science – Scars

“Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.” John 20: 27(NIV)

Jesus had scars! This may seem trivial but as part of His resurrection, His wounds went through a process in less than three days that would take us days, weeks, or months. Anytime we have a deep or large wound we will scar. There are several factors that will determine its appearance: age, location, genes, sex, and depth.

Wounds (especially deep ones) lead to scars it is part of the healing process. Applying oils may help if applied during the healing process. Having a physician surgically produce the scar will allow them to use special techniques to change its appearance.

If the healing process is defective a keloid is produced. This is an unsightly scar that is thick, itchy and is a bump.

For the spiritual side of this process let the Holy Spirit (oil) help in the healing process. If the Master Healer is involved let Him do His work so the wound heals well.

∞ Jesus, thank you for healing and for help with the scars. Amen.

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