Christmas – Have You Been to Bethlehem

Christmas – Have You Been to Bethlehem


Shepherds, simple shepherds, out doing their job by camping in a field so they could guard sheep; sheep that would be used for sacrifice in the Temple to worship God. Working at night outside Bethlehem (House of Bread) so they could take care of their families. Sounds like a lot of people today who are doing everything they can just to earn a living. Then a “that night” happened in their lives. The Good News was told to them and they were told exactly what they had to do. Granted they had an angelic concert with a lot of praise but how many people after getting the Good News have a concert of witnesses The_Shepherds004praising God for things done in their life. But these guys did something bold and very life changing. They went and saw for themselves and in doing so they found Jesus and the first thing they did was to tell other people. You don’t think that was a big deal! Look in Nativity_Scenes002Luke 2:17 – 20 as they told people, they praised God and glorified Him but the people that heard were just “amazed” but not moved enough to go find Jesus for themselves.

What about you? Have you heard the Good News? If you have, have you purposefully gone to “Bethlehem” to find Jesus? Have you praised God and told people of the things you have seen? If not, make God’s day and give yourself as a present to Jesus.

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