The Bible and Science – Glucose

Matthew 28:19b In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

It is always fun to see a picture of the Trinity in Creation this one is in glucose the primary energy source for our bodies. Its chemical formula is C6H12O6 glucose

Carbon is the “backbone” of glucose and most other molecules that we need for living. It forms bonds by sharing electrons with other atoms. In its pure form it can be something common like graphite (pencil lead), lampblack, or something valuable like diamond. It has an atomic number of six (which is the number of man). Carbon would the model of the Father: stable, all about man, and holds things together.

Hydrogen is a very explosive gas and is the smallest of any atom. We are just starting to realize its potential as an energy source. Hydrogen would be a picture of the Holy Spirit; very powerful and a source of energy we need to use.

Oxygen is the gas in the air we need to live. It has an atomic number of eight (number of new beginning). Could anything be a better picture of Jesus? In Him we have a new beginning and is our very life if you are a believer.

As glucose these three elements form the molecule that we need to live. It is a quick energy source that we can use immediately.

∞ Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit thank you for working together for our good and being the source of our life.

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