Christmas Trivia 2013

These are all things that happened on December 25th.  Since I am not sure what I did; to get to the ten question quiz you will have to click on the link below.  Have fun!

For more trivia see Christmas Trivia 2012 and Christmas Trivia

Just as an update.

  1. 57% got it correct.
  2. 57% got it correct.
  3. 14% got it correct.
  4. 43% got it correct.
  5. 100% got it correct.
  6. 71% got it correct.
  7. 13% got it correct.
  8. 17% got it correct.
  9. 14% got it correct.
  10. 10. 86% got it correct.

Several people skipped questions.  This is up to 12/15/2013.

All of these dates and facts came from  so if you have a disagreement with any of them talk to them.

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