Holy Week – Tuesday

Tuesday starts out in Matthew 21:18-26 20 When the disciples saw this, they were amazed. “How did the fig tree wither so quickly?” they asked. (NIV) If you read my blog about the meaning of the fig tree I will encourage you to look at Jesus’ “teaching/explanations” in light of “old religion” dying and the importance of faith. Jesus spent most of Tuesday dealing with traps from angry religious leaders and of course His own jabs back at them.

The widow’s mite is a completely different thought process from what most of us have.

The religion in the leaders showed up in His disciples as they left the Temple awed by the rock/stones of the wall.

See Holy Week 2014 – Tuesday – Jesus Saw

Scripture References:

Matthew 21:18-26, Mark 11:20-13:37, Luke 20:1 -21:38:

  • The Authority of Jesus Questioned
  • The Parable of the Tenants
  • Paying the Imperial Tax to Caesar
  • Marriage at the Resurrection
  • The Greatest Commandment
  • Whose Son Is the Messiah?
  • Warning Against the Teachers of the Law
  • The Widow’s Offering
  • The Destruction of the Temple and Signs of the End Times
  • The Day and Hour Unknown

Tuesday ends with Luke 20:1 -21:38 37 Each day Jesus was teaching at the temple, and Garden-of-Gethsemane-olive-trees,-tb051906423-bibleplaceseach evening he went out to spend the night on the hill called the Mount of Olives, 38 and all the people came early in the morning to hear him at the temple.

It is interesting that Luke mentions the Mount of Olives (the place that will split open, Zechariah 14:3-5, and where the Garden was) and not Bethany.

(All verses and topics are from the NIV.)

Mount of Olives http://www.bibleplaces.com/mtolives.htm

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