The Bible and Science – Infrared Light

Matthew 5:15-17 In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. (NIV 1984)

This beautiful metaphor needs to be a guiding principle in our lives so we can be the witness that will lead people to Jesus. But you really do shine with a type of light/EM wavelength! On the EM spectrum, it is just before visible light and is known as infrared EMSpec(which means before red). You know it better as the heat lamps in your favorite fast food place that keep your French fries/chips warm. Now our eyes are not designed to see this wavelength of energy but we are always emitting them (of course that depends on how close to red light they are). Spy movies and “CSI” shows have highlighted the technology we now use to “see” people through walls using infrared light; the hotter you are the brighter you glow.

jesus at doorIt makes you wonder about the pictures of saints with halos? FYI – Christians were not the first to put halos on religious people, it would seem to look at Wikipedia that it probably started in the Orient. It makes you wonder how the idea to start doing that happened? Could it be that someone could actually see an infrared glow!

Father help us to glow brightly so the world will see You.

Jesus at the Door was taken at the Museum on the Campus of Houston Baptist University.

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