For Greater Glory-A Movie Review

This is a must see movie for Christians because it is a reminder of how fragile our rights as Christians really are. It is not a feel good movie or just a Catholic movie but it does highlight the struggle and suffering the Catholics endured in this fight for freedom to worship God. It is also a story of faith that is well represented on the movie screen.

Allow me to play movie critic for a moment. The acting is good to great with a mix of recognizable faces and newcomers. The scenes and setting help make this true story come to life for us. The movie covers a lot of history and players in the cause of the Cristeros against the Mexican Government. It may not have had a “cast of thousands” but the battle scenes are believable. My wife in preparing to go see the movie commented on the “R-rating” and the available comments from the professional critics and the actual moviegoers. The pros did not like it because of its strong Christian tone while the moviegoers liked it for that very reason. I guess it earned its rating because of violence but TV shows such as “Criminal Minds” and “CSI” are just as bloody. But because children are tortured and martyred in the film taking little ones could be hard. Be sure to stay through the credits as some loose ends are tied up and some interesting facts are presented.

I may not appreciate all of the Catholic themes in the movie but a little research into the laws that prompted the Cristeros actions are very disturbing to me as a Christian. Education of children and control of the Christian Church was the heart of those laws. Those laws that were passed in 1917 sound very much like the Humanist Manifesto and the “stated purpose” of a large educational union in this country. The actions of the Canadian government in our present day society reflect the actions of the Mexican government of 100 years ago that prompted the civil war. For more about the movie go to and a little time researching the Cristeros either before or after watching the movie will help. This and the Tulsa Race Riots are not nightmares that happened somewhere else but these things have taken place within a days drive of Houston.

2 thoughts on “For Greater Glory-A Movie Review

  1. I am glad you have written that this film is important for ALL Christians to see and not just Catholics. Spread the word about this important film as every weekend it is being shown on less screens in the U.S. From 757 to 642 screens this past weekend. Also, the idea of religious liberty in this movie parallels to the HHS mandate that will soon be passed in the U.S. in August, which will require religious organizations to violate their consciences by having to provide contraception, abortion inducing drugs, and sterilization.

    • We understand about that health care bill, the problem is once we start to lose liberties to get them back are hard if not impossible.

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