by Mark

The bell rings, your book opens

All will reside and spend their time in the Land of Learning

Each start off fast, so much to know

Soon the Labels start: some for good some for bad

Then comes our time in the House of Smart and Dumb

Just wait you will need this next year

Work hard so you will impress and succeed

Pass that test, get that credit, show your stuff

Those Labels just don’t seem to go away

You played the game got the Diploma or blew it off to strut your stuff

Now the learning starts

Load the cart

Do the dance

Know the job

Learn to family

When do we learn to live

“plan the work, work the plan”

If they can’t do anything else make them a teacher or a telemarketer

If your so smart why aren’t you _____

“Chase the cheese”

Show me the green

The learning done, your book is closed

The final bell rings

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