The Man of the Gadarenes and Me

The Man of the Gadarenes and Me

by Mark

Among the tombs, lost from those who cared, lost from those who feared.

In the bars hiding from today.


Clothed in broken chains meant to bind him.

Never good enough, fear of rejection, tired of trying


Solitary among the dead, like them, only breathing.

Is this all there is?


You’re too close, the chains would warn.

Join this, try that, buy another beer


His shrieks and cries were calls of help; anger was heard.

Anger lashing out at those who love you


When he saw the Master, the One that could save, his demons yelled.

I am ok, I was raised in church


Though fear held on, he came to rest at His feet.

Jesus forgive me, thanks for never letting go


Clothed and in his right mind, willing to follow Him anywhere.

Freed, not perfect but ready to try again


His new Master said, “Go tell.”

Write your testimony on the blank lines.

2 thoughts on “The Man of the Gadarenes and Me

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