Test, Attacks and Storms – O My! Part 2

Storms, attacks, and tests.  We have all been through them and the great news is we are still here.  In continuing the series this week we will look at storms (See part 1). In the New Testament, the word storm can mean anything from winds to rain or the violent storms that would sweep down from the mountains and plague the Sea of Galilee that could be compared to earthquakes.  By the way, I hope that you never get in an argument about what you are in – a storm, a test, or an attack!

Hurricanes by the coast, a tornado in the central part of the country, and threats of floods with every passing front have raised our consciousness of storms.  The Weather Channel, weather apps, local TV, radio programs, and websites now can give some advance warning of approaching storms.  Even in Jesus’ day, they could read the signs of approaching weather (Matthew 16:2).  Many natural storms may give us a warning that they are coming; sometimes they may not because they form right on top of you.

I think spiritual storms also can give us advance warning that they are coming.  Not always, but sometimes, we can see what is coming and prepare for it, or we can always be at some level of preparedness.  Storms can be very violent and many times you cannot see that in the advance forecast but storms are only going to last for a given period of time.  After a storm, there may be a lot of things that may need to be repaired and fixed but like tests, they are not going to continue “forever.”  Maybe you are going through a windstorm where things are knocked down all around you.  Maybe it is a rainstorm where things are being covered with water and washed away from your life.  Or it could be a very violent storm equal to a tornado or hurricane where you make it through but everything in your life is changed or gone.

I find it important to realize that wind and rain are symbols of the Holy Spirit but the devil will come against us with violent forms of the symbols to cause grief and destruction.

No matter what it is you are going through storms, attacks, or tests, Jesus is and wants to be your shelter in the storm.

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