Your Bible Study for 2012

Plan vs. resolution

Clicking on these two sites took me out of the blog so please be aware of that.,resolution 6. Fixed purpose or determination of mind; as a resolution to reform our lives; a resolution to undertake an expedition.,plan  2. A scheme devised; a project; the form of something to be done existing in the mind, with the several parts adjusted in idea, expressed in words or committed to writing; as the plan of a constitution of government; the plan of a treaty; the plan of an expedition. (noun)

PLAN, v.t. To form a draught or representation of any intended work.  1. To scheme; to devise; to form in design; as, to plan the conquest of a country; to plan a reduction of taxes or of the national debt.

I don’t know about you but I like the “plan” better, it will allow me to make changes if needed but will still give me a stable base of where I want to go. The website above is for the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary – it is interesting to check our current word usage against the usage when we thought of our self as a “Christian Nation” and did not worry about being politically correct.

Have you “planned” what and how you are going to study through out the New Year?  Here are some possibilities.

1. Read the Bible through in a year, there are a lot of great plans that you can follow.

2. Get another translation and read it through in a year.

3. Pick a topic (actually pick twelve of them) and study it out.  Try people, places, things or events.

4. Focus on either the New or the Old Testament.

This year I am going to alternate reading Proverbs and Psalms every month.

After much thought on the subject I think I am going to do #3 which will be new for me, usually I do #1, 2 or 4.

1. A topic that will run for most of the year will be “The Gospel According to the Old Testament.”

2. Blessed

3. Acts 4: 29 a) speaking the word    b)with great boldness

4. Acts 4: 30 healing, miraculous signs and wonders

5. Waiting on God and times of refreshing

6. Putting 1& 2 Samuel together with 1 Chronicles.

7. Finish some work that I started in Psalms.

8. Body parts and how they are discussed/shadowed in Scripture

9. Fruit and nuts especially the fig and the almond

10. Write four sermons from the ideas above

Yeah, I know I said pick 12 but I have a feeling that these 10 will keep me busy for the whole year, if not then I can add to my plan as I go.

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